why does my life suck?

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    At this time it just seems that way. In time your life will get better if you allow it to.

    And you think you are special ????/ That only your life sucks ??????? Get you a maneating ,soul sucking she devil and see how much your life can really suck. Lol !!!!!!!!! Life sucks or so you think ,take a ride on the city bus and see perhaps it sucks more for others .Point is my life sucks too maybe more or less than yours  dont really know . You arent alone and when it gets really bad still have to find away to be grateful for whats not . Its not freezeing ,not raining ,not starving , not homeless, not scared , I hope it gets better for you and wish you well .


    agree with you

    Look around there are others in worst situations, so feel lucky!!!

    Yep life can suck.In my case it's not a matter of whether I'm in the shit or not but the depth of the shit. But you have to rise above it . Try thinking positive.


    LOL....very good point!

     What do you expect from life? Your life for the most part is what "you" make of it. Make no effort  to improve your life and your life will not change. Better to lite a candle than curse the darkness.


     Great Spirit help me never to judge another until I have walked in his moccasins for two weeks Sioux prayer.


    Love it Whovin.Got any more?

    You're welcome

    what a fab picture


    Love your pics Whovin. Keep up the good work.

    Who said life  is fair.  good luck we're all counting on ya

    life is what you make out of it.. mine sucks too!!

    Yes life can suck depends on how you look at things. Look at positive things that are ok in your life. Look at other countries that people have huts to live in no electric etc now look at what u have. also there are people with no legs arms one eye deformed child etc... do you have this. Life is what u make it you can always look at bad because you are selfish. Or be friends with yourself fiquire out who you are and love yourself this will make you see the positive more. alot of happiness comes from yourself and others. I you live life wrong and treat others wrong life will suck.

    Yes , you have all the symptoms of a democrat.  Get away from your current situation or you will sink into a deeper depression. Remember , everybody is born a democrat, weak, helpless, cant make decisions for self, only the gifted overcome it. You have to gain the strength to make it on your own. Once you find it , life is good.  Life sucks because you have not found it yet.


    Well by your answer all DEMOCRATS have a valid excuse, what's that say for the Republicans. Like my father would say, "When it comes to a family the husband must lead and teach his wife, NO difference in politics the "WIFE" (REPUBLICAN) has to be lead/taught by the man (DEMOCRAT)

    We are all talking about shit and wouldnt you know up floats a Republican. I live to torture you buttheads ,you should still be hiding your heads in shame after electing that Texas Moron Bush twice . When stuff hits the fan in Texas you nit wits should call Bush and he can help you out like he did those folks in Louisanna. Kiss my Democratic Butt Why dont you take all your two headed inbred children and live on the Bush ranch .

    Bush gives handicaped people a bad name . You idiots gave one of the dumbest people on the planet the keys to a nuclear weapon twice LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You should hide your head in shame for a hundred years. Lowest form of life there is a Republican .

    There a saying,you know how deep you are in shit when your eye are brown, Don't wait to long or you'll drown in it.

    what a auwfull exspession life is good if you have roof over your head and food then you are one of the fortunates think possitive and just remember how lucky you are that you have your health there is a lot of people who would swap your life for thiers

    Like i always "bluesman" say,everybody is born a democrat, only the gifted overcome it..


    I've always heard they were not good enough to be a DEMOCRAT so, they were ejected like SATAN.

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