can I put baking soda powder on my cat for fleas

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    Why not just get a flea collar. For those home made remedies  why not spend some time at the local book store and look it up.


    good answer.

        Plese don't use baking soda; this is not a known flea repellent.  Bluesman 1851 and Haley both gave great suugestions.  In addition, I would treat the yard with pellet or spray insect repellent that has fleas listed on the label as an insect that will be killed. (This is a VERY important step, because fleas love grass, and this gets them at their source). We have lots of indoor cats, and these things have all worked for us.  Also, adding garlic and/or brewer's yeast to your cat's water may help. 

    Try I typed "cats fleas baking soda" into Google and got page after page of info about this ,and they mentioned salt and baking soda as well. Too much info to put here ,you should go take a look . This is a good link for pet lovers

    Use 1/3 natural apple cider Vinegar and 2/3 cups warm water and put in spray bottle and mist your cat down. You might have to repeat it 2 times more.. Drench your gras outside w. water, it will drown the fleas outside. My animals have had no fleas for 20 years. Baking Soda does not work.

    I have always combed the cats with a flee comb and put he comb in olive oil so the flees stick the comb and then dipped the comb in washin up liquid and that kills the flees then wash the comb and start again but itt is the house that you shoul be concentrating on as its the eggs that will hatch and I always spray the house under radiators and where they lay you can get a flee spray for the house from the vets or cheaper on line

    Baking soda will not kill fleas.  

    You can get drops from the vet  which you put on their kneck about once a month, this kills the flees and doesn't harm the cat.

    I don't know about baking soda, but there are special collars that repel fleas. There are also a wide variety of special fleas repellent powders for cats.

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