Why do we say "hello" when we answer the telephone?

    How did the greeting "Hello" come about?  Who do we give the credit to?

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    There has been couple of times, that I wished, I had said,, Good Bye, instead of Hellow.!

    Buon Giorno.It would probably have something to do with A.G.Bell's first response the first time a 'phone ever rang.Wouln't it?


    Actually, Italians say "Pronto" (Ready)when they pick up the phone.

    Yes. His first call was made to his friend, Thomas Edison. And Edison's reply was '' Could you talk a little louder ? '' b/c Edison was hard of hearing.

    Let me rephrase my question:  Can you guess the origin of "hello" with regards to answering the phone?

    it would be bloody stupid to answer 'GOOD BYE'., other than that Bon Juno.

    I know of people who answer the phone with  ..... yellow ? LOL


    I hate that.........

    One of my friends says "Spik to me" (He's Spanish)


    LoL My bro says 'Steve-o here" ;D

    Hello, hello, hello........I don't know why you say goodbye---I say Hello.----a song by the late lendgendary George Harrison.


    "Oompah,Oompah,shove it up ya jumper".
    Remember tose lyrics? hahaha!

    Hello. Hello. Hello! 

    Why do we say "hello" when we answer the telephone?

    The first word used to answer the phone was the nautical greeting "ahoy," because the first regular phone system was in the maritime state of Connecticut.  Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor, answered with the Gaelic "hoy," but  it was Thomas Edison's greeting of "hello," an exclamation of surprise dating back to the Middle Ages, that caught on, and so we answer today with "Hello?"

    CONGRATULATIONS TO Tommyh.  Da best answer!!!!!! Very close.


    Only start when the phone was invent.

    Its better then saying  YEP

    because there didn't used to caller I D, So you had to say hello to see who the hell was on the other end of the line.

    Because "why are you f**king bothering me" doesn't go over very well.

    Especially if its Mom. :0


    ....evolving from a grunt/groan

    Nowadays there is so much texting, skyping and emailing going on that people rarely talk on the phone anymore and when they do the word 'hello' is asked like a question ! HELLO???     LoL


    I have no idea,i simply say "YO"..then take it from there..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    I dont ,I just say leave a message ,if they are lucky,as i get untold cold callers,

    terryfossil 1

    What is a cold caller Dennis..>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    They are persons trying to sell insurance ,and many other nondescripe items that we do not want from forien countrys like America China India ,etc,etc,
    terryfossil 1

    Gotcha Hec,i got a call yesterday from a bloke wanting to sell me life insurance,i said to him,"why would you try to sell life insurance to a bloke in a retirement village,,he hung up,,<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>..

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