why do kids have to go to school?

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    Because we don't know what else to do with them to get them out of our hair for a few hours.

    to learn and grow up and one day maybe become  a scientist and help millions of people who are sick.


    good answer Daren lol

    To learn and take over from mom and dad

    So they can make something of their future lives.

    In some instances to teach the teachers, because some could definitely use it.

    To educate em so theu can reed and wite prperly.


    ha ha maz

    When kids are in school there is less crime. When criminals get locked up in prison there is less crime. Therefore less voters for obama.

    What would you be doing if you were not in school?  Not playing video games, baseball, watching TV or anything else if kids did not get the opportunity to go to school, learn and be able to invent the things you enjoy today.  Going to school is your job.  It is your future unless you plan on being incarcerated and let others take care of you.  How else can you have any self esteem if you can't take care of yourself financially and mentally?  Hang in there, I did not like school either because I had trouble learning to read.  Started enjoying school in 5th grade.

    So they can figure out how many weeks it will take to earn $700.00 on $5.00 a week.

    They need all the advantages possible to make a living and a difference in this crazy world today.  And things will be even tougher than in the past, as I see it.  With all the competition for business globally, education is the key.  We must make a society who will support education and develop a value system that will recruit the best and brightest to become educators, not just to fill jobs, but to do the world class education needed to prepare for the future of this great country! 

    I went to a good school. It was approved  by the local authority ... lol 

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