how do i find out if theres a small claim lawsuit agaisnt me.

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    When the sheriff goes to your house to deliver a "subpoena" from the plaintiff" that's rubber stamped by the court.

    If there is law suit the person bringing the suit must have you served . That means they deliver a paper from the court telling you to appear and when to do so . You may respond to the judge in writeing before the hearing telling your side of the story. Its pretty informal they tell their side you tell yours . Judge decides . I would find out where small claims court is and go sit in the audiance and watch the proceedings before you have to go yourself. Maybe go a couple of days and watch . There are usually several judges hearing these cases and if you dont like the one you draw you can in writeing ask for a recusal of that judge . There are time limits and procedures on these requests so do your home work . You can pay a lawyer for two hours and have him stand in for you . Good Luck

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