where the hell is the letter I was composing - so often you just delete it and it's gone, I suppose from a mistaken keypunch, but extremely frustrating. Is there any way to retrieve it?

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    When I first started with my lap top I was ham handed putting presure on the upper part of my computer as I typed . That disappearing mail happened all the time . Just gone in the blink of an eye,never to be seen again . Worst part is the longer the mail the more often they disappeared. Really made me mad !!!!!!! You are not alone here . Good news is I stopped being Ham Handed and got a softer touch and it has not happened since. Do you think we can call this  cause and effect and think it solved the problem .I know your frustration and hope this helps. Drove me nuts for a long time ,havent lost a mail now in a year so take this for what its worth and good luck with yours .

    Maybe the postman has delivered it already.

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