what to do when your wife steels from you????

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    I agree with Tommy.

    Does your wife work? Do you allow her to work? If you do not allow her to work, then you need to give her more money. If she does work but still needs more money, find out why she needs so much money. Does she shop a lot? Some women use shopping to fill a void in themselves because they do not feel loved enough. If you can only get upset and complain about her, then there's something missing in you too. Perhaps you do not feel she loves you enough. Try getting back to the reasons you fell in love with her in the first place and wanted to marry her. Then see if she has a problem you can help her with. If you become her trusted supporter, she will love you enough again.

    How can your wife steal from you?Surely it's hers too!

    When you married her, it's understood that what was once yours is now "ours".  Get a good attorney.

    Es ant love strange. Hold on my friend there maybe more to come.

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