HELP!!!!!! Me Stop A Spammer!!!!!!!!

    For Months I have received mail from Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy. So far I have used sweep .delete. block both the address and domain.They get a new server new address and they are back.Please I dont want to change my email address. I have 6 emails and even ones rarely used are infected with mail from Canadian Neighbor pharmacy Contacted spam cops . Abuse @hot mail. The Canadian Mounted police cyber crimes division in Canada Can I make these people go away. Google search reveals they are a fraud company. Also contacted So far no luck . The amount of these mails is in the hundreds and they are disguised as everything under the sun.They have on occasion used my own email address to send me their crap.They have hijacked the email contacts and used them to send their garbage globally. My friends in Brazil have received their mails . I want to declare war on these scum and fry their computers and lock them up until time stops . Please Help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    If the people on your contact list are getting these, (supposedly) from your email account, change your passwords and also the secret questions which you have set up (those your email provider will ask if you forget your password). This will stop those being sent from your email to your friends.
    If you are getting any (supposedly) from your friends, have them do the same thing.
    The above has been a problem with many users,including myself, and seems to affect Yahoo accounts more than others.
    There is and army of spam fighters out there. I just sent mail to there focus is Nigerian scams but I appealed to him and his group for help. Am currently waiting an answer.As to opening things first its always disguised so you never know.Linux is not as vulnerable to virus as windows . It sends up red flags on infected files and wont open them,so I am to unskilled to know what I dont know. Not defenseless but close.Are you talking about TV channels in your answer???? The delete function really does nothing the mail just goes away for a short time and is not blocked thats the problem !!!!! Please understand I am FURIOUS over this and have declared war on these peckerwoods .With a twisted way of thinking believe me I have thought of many things and tried all of them . So far I am losing the battle . I will not give up and I am going to give these idiots more grief than they have ever seen . Thanks for your help ,I just need a different way of attacking this . Bear in mind they have sent several hundred of these mails and I have much practice trying to make them go away .So back to the drawing board for now .

      i want make new email address

    How about contacting one of those Trouble shooting Channels like Arnold Diaz or Nine on your side? They always seem to make progress. Also, I wouldn't even open anything they have to send. It could be a virus. You should delete them from your trash as well as from your regular mail..Good Luck!

    Sue Zwirn NYC
    If people are spamming and your in a chat room or video game (ventrillo) just click on them and click block user.

    The question pertains to e-mail spam, not chat rooms.

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