oh where oh where has common sense gone????

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    Older people have more common sense than many younger people.


    You know that is just sad.......

    I am old. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    It hasn't escaped to this site that's for sure.


    LOL you are so so right .....

    i agree 100 %. Unfortunately i believe that you cannot teach common sense you are born with it.


    You know I am beginning to believe you are completly right I do not see common sense in action anymore much now days.

    Its a learned pattern of behavior. Dont ask obama, biden , pelosi , . Common sense and politics dont mix. In search of the mighty dollar, common sense fails to lead. For the most part.


    I am of the opinion that common sense does not mix with anything or anyone now days not much that I see anymore, but me myself I would choose someone with good common sense and honest and dependable over anyone now days but I have to say I am at a loss as to where to find one of the ere.......

    I believe a lot of common sense was learned on the farm where you had to figure things out yourself and repair things yourself, most don't take the time to use their brains to do things and just depend the knowledge of others to Solve their problems.  



    You are so so right......and even then they do not get it......

    There is no substitute for truth and common sense must incorporate this element of reality. Today everyone wants to put a "spin on their perspective thus common sense goes out the door.


    Well that was enlightening thank you......

    You are a genius.  Where have you been all this time?  We have people here who not only lack common sense, they mostly lack sense, period.  This includes a couple of old timers here as well.


    Aww well so shoot me......

    You are one of the brighter ones here, Darci. I am qualified to have an opinion. Always love the way you write!

    you know what they say Darci,common sense aint so common


    Yep I am of the opinion you are so so right and that is so very sad indeed. A lot is lost in today's world because of it. I find the world a sadder place because of the lack of it.

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