what is big foot?

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    some people think it's a legendry gurrella/human that roams the foothills of the world others think it a shoe size!

    A big truck  with big tires on it  and it goes  vroom vroom  and  it jumps over things and sometimes crushes things  and it makes people howl with glee and happiness and for this  they pay lots of money to see such sport  hope this helps & good luck we're all counting on ya!

    Size 13 ?

    A legendry crypitid that has been reported to been seen in the Himilayas. Half man half ape, or somethng from the prehistoric era. There have been reported videos of "Bigfoot" but if you belive in him is simply up 2 u. 

    big foot is a legend that is a harry animal on mount everest

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