why dose my mom drink beer

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    because rums to expensive!


    he he lol

    Because she's an adult and she can.

    to relax.

    She likes beer... Is she an alcoholic???? It is perfectly normal for adults to drink some alcohol.... as long as they are going to work, paying bills, and taking care of you. There should not be a problem.

    Occasional beer is good for health (Heart, Kidneys, etc.).

    maybe it's the only way she can put up with

    Hey, moms need to have fun too.

    We deserve it.

    Alcohol can be fine in moderation,however  alcoholism is no laughing matter,I was a child that grew up in a home with an alcoholic father,he still even to this day is an alcoholic,a sad reality to a very destructive addiction, that is why I personally chose to never abuse drugs or alcohol,and added benefit was that I don't have an addictive personality.

    When your mother is not drinking those cheap beer, I hope she goes for DOS EQUIS.

    DOES!!!!  DOES!!!!  Not DOSE!!!  What is wrong with you people??? 

    'Dose' is a medicinal amount of drugs on takes.. 'Take a dose of cough syrup.."

    'Does' anyone know what time it is??




    I love your spelling lesson. Honest.

    Many people drink beer for nearly as many reasons.  Some people really like the taste of a very cold beer.  Some people like that it helps them feel a little less tense. 
    You could simply ask your mom, but do it in a pleasant way.  Ask her if it is something that she thinks you will enjoy when you are old enough to drink beer. 

    <big> Girls just want to have fun.  cyndi lauper

    Sometimes people drink too much beer (or alcohol) and it causes problems. Does she drink too much beer. If so, it's a different story 10111.

    I'm thinking it might be a problem because you disguise your name.  

    She ran out of Gin?

    She run out of water..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..""

    murder is againist the it's the next best

    Its cheaper then a good wine.

    Mama needs a little helper to get her through the day.

    Gin used to be known as 'mothers' ruin'  so be glad she drinks beer.

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