how do u avoid bullying in secondary school

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    From listening to my teen boys, I think it's almost impossible to avoid it completely these days. There are a lot of lost and angry teens now days with broken and abusive families. The added peer pressure to be popular now even makes this worst.Sadly in the schools here the more you seem to bully , the more popular you get. I have always believed that unless someone is threatend in some way by you , they would never bother trying to bring you down. Maybe your intelligence, good looks,ect. might be what is triggering their own insecurities. Just remember that when it happens. If things do get out of hand you just have to tell someone. I know you might think that by doing this, it will bring you even worst results, but sometimes you just have to.


    mom, where ya been. Haven't heard from you too much since you got back from Peru. Jenn and I were asking about you earlier. Is everything going OK? Regards/yvonne57

    hope youre not being bullied but if you are you MUST tell someone.Your mum or dad perhaps?An aunty or uncle?maybe a teacher you can trust? bullies are essentially cowards but dont suffer in silence


    Good answer leosmaml.

    Why not take your kid out of school and educate him/her at home?

    Tell them that you have a brother who has a black belt in karate and he coming over to visit you,so better not be messing around,or else,you could be the next victim on his belt.


    Yeh! your right Umbriel don't be telling no lie.

    Thank you Yvonne

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