Would you consider cosmetic surgery? If so, why and which part of your body would you have it done to?

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    Is your real name Cher?

    Oh hell, just put my brain in a much younger healthy body and I'm good .... wait! Change the brain too.

    no,not vain enough although if if someones been scarred due to illness or accident i can understand their reasoning

    Don't see the point.Ugly people have ugly kids anyway.Cosmetic surgery won't change that.Wouldn't mind having my teeth fixed tho. They're OK but age is taking it's toll.

    Nothing, I like the way I am.

    No and nothing.

    Liposuction on arms and  body area, a little on thighs.  Guess I am a mess of flubber!


    Your answer is same as mine. Everything...

    IF the costs and risks were minimal and the recovery time immediate, I'd do it in a heartbeat.
    I would like to smooth wrinkling around my lips and the sagging jowls, the neck thing.  While I don't need larger breasts, I'd like them "lifted".  Getting liposuction to rid myself of some of the cellulite would be helpful, too. 
    I have a large incision line from my ruptured appendix and the muscles in my lower abdomen were cut through.  It is impossible to get a flat tummy with those damaged muscles, even when I have optimal weight, BMI, and exercise regularly. 
    If I had to choose one procedure, it would be to get some of that tummy tightened.,


    Have you considered a place like Thailand? I think the physicians there are fantastic compared to the ones here. They are mostly educated in America, with the stitching skills of an Asian.

    I think maybe I am not as worried about a flat tummy and firm jawline as I am about bowling a 300 game! Aside from the fact the funds for this luxury don't exist, it's nowhere near top priority. Love me as I am, inside and out.

    I have these little lines that run from my nose to the corner of my mouth. I look a little like a puppet. I could do without those little creases.

    Liposuction on my belly so i can see my six pack.

    I am fortunate and I plan on aging gracefully.  It will be what it will be Baby!


    I want you just the way you are!

    Ha! Now that is hilarious!

    For vanity 100% no.

    I have never thought about it, but recently ive noticed that my nose is way crooked but im afraid that they would mess it up.  I wouldnt care what ppl would say, Id just tell them that my nose was way too crooked.

    I'm developing spider veins I'd like to have removed and what I wouldn't give to have new teeth.......!

    Yep...been there and done it, twice in fact.

    Only to the face if it is cancer only.

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