does my wife love me

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    No, she's in love with your brother!

    Does your wife know your name is butthead?  If so, your situation is quite dire.

    is your wifes name BEAVUS?

    How on earth would complete strangers know this.

    If you don't know, nobody can answer your question.

    She told me she doesn't and never did.

    Probably not if you feel the need to ask.. Asking her won't get you anywhere either. Some marriages are based more on friendship more than love-- Or should I rephrase and say 'companionship'.. I have known several in this  kind of relationship. This really is love but a different type of love, the word 'love' has many degrees and deviations.  You can love your best friend and love your puppy.. 

    My wife and i love each other dearly however, we do not show affection in public, hardly even hold hands 'hidden compassion'..  we talk to each other like old friends, laugh and cry together and obviously show affection in private.  some people feel they must constantly make a public showing of their affection for each other, I sometimes wonder if this is a sign of infidelity.. But that's me...


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