can you be friends with some one if you cant trust them?

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    if you can't trust them their not your friend!

    Yes , I can be friends with a heroine addict but I would not invite them into my house or give them access to anything of value or believe anything they had to say while not in Narcotics Anonoymous.

    You must have a reason for not trusting a person. Be careful! 


    Very good..

    ask yourself this .... if I  was about to jump out of a plane would I trust them to pack my parachute.

    I wouldn't, would you?

    definitely not

    It wouldn't be worth being their friend,could bring you all sorts of drama.

    I really dont think so its just isnt going to work !


    I totally agree with you Mel, it just won't work. Check out my question I posted " Have anyone ever asked you to do something for them that you Know is wrong?"

    thanks Spacey for your comment I am glad you agree yes I will check out your question :-)


    Pretty soon you'll be screaming "NUTS AND BOLTS, NUTS AND BOLTS, WE GOT SCREWED! (repeat 3 times)


    Pay attention the first time someone tells you who they are.

    These words were written by a famous poet.  Wish I had know them when I was younger.

    Why would you want to be friends with some one you cant trust ?

    Trust is not something you can give, you haft too earn it. Never trust anyone even yourself will fail.

    I was once told to keep my enemies close so you know what they're up to. I have to question where friendship and trust start and end. Life is too short to always feel you have to watch your back. I would suggest you stay friendly but move on to better friendships.

    Your right Dollybird .I for one could not trust myself with all you "Heart breaking lovable "girls "Hey big man above if you have made anything better "you must have kept it to yourself."I say trust your feelings.find some else" true love awaits a round the corner


    good answer dowsa are you from Scotland! as when you answered my question you were puting a Scottish words together just wonderd as My dad was Scotish :-)

    Yes. in my line of work if you like them always always cover your ass, and stay friends.

    "HI Melandrupert. Yes i am scottish i come from Greenock west coast 25miles from Glasgow .You said in the past" tence "Was bless you and your Dad we are a "Very proud "Nation But love and be loved .The football world knows us as a "Fun loving "Nation be proud of your "Dad, Robert burns our poet said "A man"s a man for all that" lots of "Love to "Girl Tam

    nope you can be nice and they can eventually earn your trust if they choose to act accordingly

    i, don" t understand, friendship is trust,

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