Why help Japan? They bombed Pearl Harbor...REMEMBER?

    Why help Japan? They bombed Pearl Harbor...REMEMBER?

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    And we bombed them into hell, destroyed their cities and helped rebuild Japan. I remember receiving a tin toy of a car made in Japan. It was easy to pull apart and the backside of the tin showed that the tin was a beer can from USA.


    No it was their ancesters. nothing to do with them.

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    The Japanese today did no such thing. I dont blame anyone for wiping out my ancesters... (Creek Indian)

    That was a LOOOONG time ago. War reparations have been made and its time to move on. That would be like todays US black population blaming today's white population for SLAVERY. Oh wait, they do. Never mind. :(

    Their government did that and the people paid the price.

    One of the dumbest questions! How old are you?

    Simple...because they need our help. These people have nothing to do with the acts of another generation the same way that I had nothing to do with slavery.

    Well yes did bomb pearl harbour but you did bomb nagasaki,hiroshima and killed more civillians in one conventional bombing raid on tokyo than what you did with the nuclear bomb so reckon you could say you've settled that score and then some.Maybe if you were there n now in your 90's you might have the right to bear a grudge still.Then again i've not heard much about the US doing anything to help Japan anyway thou admittedly that doesnt mean you aren't doing a



    fastbob, the Japanese are a proud people and are taking care of things on their own. We have a ship there with supplies, helicopters land on it then take the supplies to the people who have been left with nothing. We have people on the ground assisting in search and rescue. We have doctors there. The Japanese have not accepted all of our help as again, they wish to handle their own problems. We sent a ship filled with coolant to help with the nuke problem, again, they wish to handle it on their own. We are there, like other nations but can only offer the help, it's up to Japan to accept.

    I had seven uncles killed in the war, Im not bitter toward anyone, and I think the answer to your question is humanity,shame not more of us had some.

    unbelievable question!

    I agree with Colleen, as the old saying goes:U can lead a horse to water but U can't make him drink. About them bombing Pear Harbor, that happened almost 70 year ago. Back then they were a warring nation, today they R just like American's in that they want a better life.

    the children didnt


    No one says anyone from ww2 should forget (my father was killed in ww2) but we should learn from our mistakes, and we should not blame everyone for what happened three generations ago. Study, read and learn what life was during this era. They bombed Pearl Harbor. We bombed Hiroshime. We picked up the tab for rebuilding where we fought. We wanted mega bucks to do a job so the companies moved the jobs overseas to people willing to work for smaller wages just to be able to live. We don't believe education is the answer. They do, and we wonder why we are falling behind.
    We want what we want right now. We take care of our politicians, but we resent our educational system moving forward . To prepare our citizens for good jobs. Yes we resent companies that pay minum wage because everything we need for daily living cost too much. . Minum wage keeps us in poverty. What's the answer? It's not blaming Japan. How about taking care of tomorrow for our great grands.

    Probably a majority of  the Japanese being helped today, were not even alive during World War II. But, regardless of that fact, they still deserve our help.

    Mom is 91 years old and that was one of the first things she said. She was a U.S. Marine from 1942 to 1945, although she did not go overseas she watched her brothers leave. All that said she does feel sorry for what happened over there and said she harbors no resentment.


    it is very hard to tell that to a 91 year old. Both mom and dad were in WWII. They were older parents mom was 42 when I was born and it was very different living with them compared to my friends. WWII was a major part of their life that they will never forget.


    No offense to you and your mom, but we should live for now, not for the past. The past should be remembered and learned. But living today for the best is all what it takes for us to happiness and for the future.

    And why did they bomb Pearl Harbor? Do U think it may have something to do with the U.S. cutting off the oil they received? FDR was a great president, but he goaded Japan into doing this so we would have an excuse to enter the war!

    i find that i cannot understand this outpouring of grief for the japanese.when i was a little boy,two of my neighbours returned home from japanese prison camps.they were both like living skeletons.they and there friends were beaten starved and worked until they dropped.sometimes they had to watch while their friends were be-headed with samuri sais on the war memorial lest we forget.i find it hard to foregive and i will never foreget.

    davytv, my answer is below, but we also committed some horrendous atrocities on POW's we just don't hear about them.The files are classified and we will never know, that is unless you have someone you know that's been there.Im horrified of the things they did, and deeply disturbed of the things we did.
    Racism you will die one day

    Correction: the Japanese have never made reparations for the war they started in China in 1931 and continued until we HAD to bomb them in 1945 to end it. and still today they will not take responsibility for it. and if you haven't been listening " the Blacks do blame the Whites for slavery.

    I think what the question was...why do we bomb or attack countries and then turn around and help them rebuild it? We have done it several times. It doesn't make sense..and the news wants to talk about wasteful spending. To me that is wasteful spending. I also do not understand why we can donate all this money overseas to other "needy" countries when we ourselves are a country in need. So they go after our education and cut back on the teachers and shut down schools...we still continue to do wasteful spending.

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