does anyone else here think animals have a sixth sense?Ithink they know more than we credit them with at times

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    Yes, they certainly do. It wasn't until people started paying attention to animal behavior that they realized they know much more than we do sometimes. Animals in nursing homes that can tell when someone is going to die is one of the more fascinating ones for me. We have always heard about birds and smaller animals vacating an area before a hurricane, tornado, or even earthquake.  The more research they do the more interesting things they find out. A new one was about dogs being able to "read the minds" of their owners. I already knew that one, LOL.

    I Google Searched your question and came up with a whole page of great websites for you to check out regarding this:

    Like cats, dogs sensory system is far advanced of humans. They sense vibrations through theire feet and skin. Theire hearing is extremely acute, far beyond that of humans. Sounds inaudible to people are easily heard by dogs and what a human can hear at hundred yards, a dog can hear over a quarter mile away. They have superior night vision. Sense of smell is 40 times stronger than in people. Cats and dogs have a oneness with the earth and nature that few humans experience.

    i very much do, when my grandftaher passed away my cat made the back motions as if someone was petting her (she only does this when she is infact getting pet by spmeone) and when my father passed away, my dog loved him so much but i can tell he knows hes here with us just by the way he looks into the distance

    many thanks.When my adult son left home my dog refused to go near him when he was packing although hed seen him do it dozens of times before when hed been working away.Im convinced he knew

    older deer seem to know when you are there

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