Are you racist ?

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    No. We all have stereotyped certain groups, my self included. Being judgmental in my opinion is not being racist, when facts/statistics bare out certain specific negatives about a group of people as a collective, how does one not react negatively? The exploitation of Blacks, Asians, and other groups by whites during the development of this country is the reason that "Whites" Are the most hated race in the country if not the world. Do whites today bare any responsibility for the wrongs of their forefathers? NO. Will Blacks, Asians, and other groups ever not practice racism towards whites? NO. 


    very good answer ed lol

    ed shank I have experienced Blacks, Asians and other groups practising racism against whites - Yes. I agree with the stereotyping - this applies to so many things apart from Race.

    I,m not a racist i hate everybody, lol. :)

    Well I never thought I was Racist but if you include emigrants entering the country and they are mainly white yes I probelry are I dont mind any one coming into to a country as long as they work and dont sponge of the Country and get special treatment but I still say we should all be equal with every colour that God made us


    good answer, Mel!

    "Well said Mel our country is full of emigrants.We are a soft touch "Nation,No "work for own people in the U.K.To be honest they dont want to "Work.

    Thank you Pamela for your comment I really didnt want to answer this but I hoped I answered it honestly with out up setting anyone LOL

    Hi Dowsa thank you for your comment our Country is beautiful and its shame as most of our own people are emigrating lol

    I think everyone has a' little' racism in them regardless of what colour, religion, or creed they are. 

    No i am not racist....there are good and bad in all.


    Yeah, sometimes.


    Thanks for being honest! :-)


    Are you?

    I am just like you, Kimmy.


    what with the kimmy

    Doesn't your mother call you Kimmy?

    thats a good question kimmy,

    no all men were created equall....

    I don't believe I am racist.BUT.... I give what I get. If someone of another race looks down their nose at me,then they can go to buggery.And all their rellies & all their friends.

    I have experienced a situation where people of a different ethnicity have treated me as a lesser being.As a result I don't talk to people of that ethnicity,Or spend in their 7-11s.

    You can work it out from there!

    "I know of one person "Micheal Jackson he tried to be "White.I say be proud of your "Skin". I love and respect all races.We are made up of the same body parts.I must say "Women have the best parts  


    Hi dowsa look one of my question today about a e-mail you are giong to love this leave me a comment cheers LOL

    "Personally I'm a (Realist)."

    I do not think I am rascist - I react to every race the same way - we like some people, we do not like some people unfortunately however, humanitarian we are this is part of human behaviour and personally. However, I do find sometimes if you are of a different opinion to other races sometimes and happen to be white - it will most definitely be that you are the rascist person regardless of their response or body language to you. it seems that they do not get it is absolutely nothing to do with their race or colour who cares. 

    everyone on the planet 's discriminating including you

    no, racist are losers. my savior is not a racist and when we stand in front of him one day I think racism and hatred will be hard to defend.

    Only to those that are racist against me.:)

    I am not a racist in any way shape or form However I do strongly believe that when people leave their old country to come and take advantage of what the USA offers to everyone, they should take the time to learn English. If I went to differant country I would at least learn enough to get along in the world.


    Good point! There is nothing more annoying than a group of people having a discussion in front of you in a foreign langusge.

    great answer...i always wonder and am amazed at so many spanish speaking people who do not try to learn English but keep complaining of this and that about Americans and the country they chose to live in=America...yes they choose and they should speak English 2

    No.  I am not a racist. I like white people. Some of my best friends are white  ;-)

    Does NASCAR count?


    What's NASCAR got to do with racism ?

    Some people can find such a directly worded question like, "Are you racists?" offensive. Just saying.


    everyone is to some extent, if they say that they are not they are liars!



    By claiming they are liars does not prove your point. It just proves you can not back up your claim with facts. I do not believe everyone is racist. This is more your way of excusing yourself for being racist. Sort of an "everyone does it" claim and excuse for you to do it too.

    I dont believe I was a racist, I live very close to an aborigonal mission where they recieve special treatment and only abuse it, want all the priviledges, hold out their hands for government money (our hard earned taxes) and have no intention of doing anything by way of contributing in any way.When drunk and disorderly recieve a lift home with the local police (yes with their supply of grog) we get booked.They get paid to go to their friends/family funerals, new housing etc, etc, all gratis.We have to work,they get free health, we pay for it,they get around the town using abusive and offensive language, and yes get a lift home again,we would be booked and charged,they refer to us as "white dogs" but still hold out their hands for our money.My govt. dept reserves jobs only available to them, they recieve extensive training on full pay,training we are not entitled to, they get all their leave up front, we dont, they keep these jobs no matter how incompetent they are and we carry them, they can go walkabout if they feel like it, and what do they do ...they accept their pay, go on the free trips and training, take all their leave then usually have "have a very timely mishap"and go on workers comp, when that runs out they leave, and we go through the whole process again. We have to do special traning on working with them, why not them us?? dont mistake me, I have many aborigonal friends , but as a whole have little or no respect, I cannot respect those that have no respect for themselves.


    They sound like the native Americans still living on the reservations here in the states. The government provides them with everything they could ever want or need if they stay on the reservation.

    Heck yes I am a racist,  Nascar,


    Zoom, zoom, zoom...

    unfortunately australian society (usually those that have no direct contact) feel we owe them and overly compensate for "taking their land" as truth would have it they would have been extinct if not for medical intervention.We all talk of the "stolen generation of aborigonal children by the churches, but having done some research there were far more european children taken by the church, we never hear of these and they are not compensated, but nor should they if they were in an unfit environment to survive, sorry I can ramble about this for days!!


    This holds true for the USA and why we support all the natives needs. Time to end that nonsense. The setters responsible for claiming this land, and the natives who lost their lands have long since died out. Had they been left alone they would have killed each other off eventually anyway. The tribes were always at war with each other before and after the settlers came here.

    Not racist but very discriminating.


    good Answer Randy lol

    With negative discrimination, you essentially harbor ill feelings or harmful emotions towards others where you might find out later on that you were in the wrong for even acting negatively towards another. Discrimination of any kind should not be allowed. :-)
    Headless Man

    I know good and bad and I discriminate against bad..........

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