how did YOU find this site,and when?

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    I clicked on some update & it appeared.Didn't pay any attention to this big blue button staring at me until one day I thought 'What the bloody hell is this thing'.
    My internet page is Google and there it was on the top bar and I clicked on there you go
    I found it when I downloaded my Yahoo toolbar. It can really be fun at times, I do get to laugh a lot at so many funny answers.
    popped up on my bling bar,so i clicked on it,and here i am!!!
    showed up on my tool bar too!
    i found it just today and there was a list of a whole bunch of websites on top of the computer and there was something that said ask a question so i clicked on it and here i am =) (i think the top of the computer is a toolbar ) it just showed up there i do not know how and why it just did =)

    Welcome to the site Francine the soccer, nice to have you here.

    must be karma(the good kind)
    Like others - it just appeared on my Bing toolbar and I thought, what this?
    It kinda showed up on my FF toolbar-- I don't know how it got there.. Pretty cool toolbar though..

    The Devil made me click it..
    Downloaded translatorbar5 for the internet radio and this was on the toolbar I opened it because I was nosy what's this? I thought this cool so I signed up

    I like this site
    Like many others - it just appeared on my Bing toolbar.
    Same thing happened to me as Tommyh explained
    Yeah, I like all the regulars here.. Yeah, Colleen is my favorite too.. I think I'm gunna marry her.. LOL

    Don't like your chances Vinny.LOL

    I know, I don't think its gunna work out, she hates me now.. That's ok though, I still love her.. :)

    When did I say I hated you? I just don't like when you use gays in your jokes. I am sensitive to that :(

    Sorry :(
    Same here Vinny, at first I thought it was a joke but I like it now. Isn't Coleen the coolest and so smart. Randy Palmer well he's another story. LOL
    Headless Man

    What other story....?
    By accident. It was an ad on another site I was visiting and I accidently clicked on it. Good accident I would have to admit :)
    I didn't find it,it found me.
    On Google
    It just followed me home, can I keep it Mom?

    Yes dear, you can keep it :)

    Thanks Mom. Love you!

    wow.....seems like a week ago i came here.....time really does fly!!

    wow i thought it was mandatory when i bought into windows 7..

    I saw THE SIGN. 


    Last April.

    When I lived in Greensboro, there was a phone number you could call if you had a question. Set up for school kid and some adults would call. It was a program ran by retired teachers. That's what I thought this site was. I caught on to my blunder. I am enjoying it for the most part. I enjoy the questions. There ares some folks I feel need a psychological evaluation, or medication.


    lol!!! got that right!!!

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