Has anyone sent Sentry Armored Dispatch Co $20 to receive the money prize they promise?

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    These predators need to be eliminated


    Yes they do.

    This company's false claim to send a check in the mail for $889k fooled many people to send in $25.00 in order to claim their prize.

    More info here.

    No one has sent any money. And don't you do it either.   This company is a rip off scam operator.  You will never have to send in money to receive a prize or sweepstakes.  Give it to your local Postmaster.   These letters have been found all over the country.  Thanks for checking it out first.

    When you get thoes kind of letters, if possible, just burn them.

     i've seen this same post many times now the answer is no! it's a scam you pay the twenty dollar "prossesing fee in hopes to win big.your better off buying a scratch ticket!

    When the economy is in a big mess the con  artist's start to rip people off do not believe these letters a bunch of lies!!!""

    Sentry Armored Dispatch Company is a scam and they don't ever pay up.


    Yes I received this letter today in my mail box, I thought this could letter could be ome kind of scam. It is so convincing especially to people in need of financial situation. Something should be done to people like this, knowing that every body is in a financial rut.  This is so unfair and their should be laws against them. Thank you very much for this information.  We should advise all those who fall into these scams on how to get more information about this, not only should they be able to get this info on the internet but it should be publicized so that those who do not have access to the internet can be able to read it or hear about this.

    Yes I did and I want my money back this was some bs they shouldnt do people like that thats wrong as heck so when can I get my money back im very mad about this so when can I get my 20.00 dollars


    Say good bye to your 20.00 dollars. You have been had.

    A $20.00 lesson learned, unfortuneatly.
    I too had sent $20 months ago and never received a dime. I just received more letters. Now I get letters from all kinds of sweepstake con artist. They just go in the shredder. The same thing with these fortune tellers they say they will do stuff for free then they send you a bill and when you don't pay they threaten you with a collection agency. I even sent one of these sweepstake letters back telling them "hey I'm poor I can't afford $20 so take it out of my winning check" ha ha now that one has stopped mailing me but my mail box is always full with this junk. Some kind of law needs to be put in place to stop them. Don't ever believe anything from Netherlands either. They are a huge scammer also.

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