will times get better or worse?

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    Toker good question a TU

    Nice question TU.

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    The Glass-Seagall Act of 1933 was put in place to prevent  what happened in 1929. Starting in 1977 and 1999, the act was repealed and overturned.It caused our financial crisis. Republicans and Democrats are both responsible.  I do not see a light in the end of the tunnel.Bad decisions by our polititians caused our financial collapse.

    Worse, then better.

    Most of my friends in business are saying it's going to get a little bit worse before it gets better.

    The retail sector here in Australia is really hurting.There are shops closing down everywhere.

    With interest rates threatening to go up at any time people are scared to spend.

    We dodged the bullet down her yesterday with interest rates holding at the same rate but most economists are predicting a substantial rise before Xmas.


    Many shops are closing everywhere, partly due to the financial situation, but also because many people buy stuff on-line.

    I agree with what ed is saying,, I dont think  we have seen anything yet, it will get far worse before things change for the better, I really hope I am wrong as nobody wants things getting worse I certainly dont

    We will experience another depression. In the thirty's investors were "jumping" out of windows because of their losses. Soon the bankers will be "thrown" out  of windows because of losses.


    Just what Bankers deserve.

    but alas ! he awoke and it was just a dream

    The times they are a changing, the slower now will later be fast,the loser now will later the win .


    maybe just a little misguided optimism on my part,leftover from a Dylan headache

    I think it will get worse and better, if we elect the right president

    Both but not in that order.

    itd be nice to think better but i wouldnt put money on it...

    Both in a random order! Lets hope better! :)

    When one understands the present consciousness of the people then one will know what the state of the Nation is.  For better or for worse.  Let all have Faith in the Good, for therein lies the power of the people, in group consciousness.


    wise words

    No better, not worse... Just the same status quo. Attitude is what make the difference...

    This is just the beginning of bad times. I suggest we pick out a park bench now. I found one with a view.

    Things can get better,  as we humans catch ourselves, and become more conscious.  Our main programming source for the U.S. is television, movies,  music, etc.  which I love all three.  But,  what are they mostly teaching us to do?  Shoot somebody, war somebody, kidnap and kill somebody. Hand held games are violent violent.  That's what we teach the under 21.  What if they had hand held games that taught how to fix world problems.  Wouldn't it be fabulous?  Times can indeed,  get better the more enlightened we become, & the more action we take after becoming aware that we can have the world we want.  Peace, Profit, Laughter & Joy & Fairness.

    I think what is happening now is the beginning of worse with 'more worse' to come. I wish I could believe otherwise.

    Where men are concerned the tempor of the time or times is ever relative, according to the level of consciousness of the individual and/or mankind as a whole.  Fear not, keep the Faith in what is GOOD.  ;-) 


    applies to women also

    In some respects, better. In some respects, worse. It's a matter of choice for each individual.

    Worse, until Jesus returns.............

    Indeed worse Randy as long as men believe in the worst and have faith in the worst.  Group Consciousness as a whole generates all things, for Good or evil in the world of men.

    Jesus, said let not your hearts be troubled that neither let it be afraid, that I said I will go away, and come again unto you, I will not leave you alone, but I will send unto you a Comforter.

    He Jesus (body/personality) would have go away (demonstrating this by the crucifixion of this body/personality) but would not leave men alone, but in his good stead, he would send men a "Comforter."   Also he said that if he didn't go away or make the sacred sacrifice, that Comforter whicih is Christ could not come or be revealed within the hearts of men..

    But then again when that Comforter came (self-awareness) he would to teach men all things and bring to their remembrance or Understanding, all things that He, had said and revealed unto men.  This that they might find and know Christ within themselves, as God the Fathers "Love Consciousness",  that Divine Presence of the Son.   

    This is the Comforter, the Christ only found only within mens hearts and Souls as promised of our beloved Brother Jesus.  By this do men become the True Children or the Good Sons of God.  This Good is Gods Image in the world of men.  Not as men say Good but of Spirit.

    For how can men say they are childern of God the Father, crying out Father, Father and then denie their lawful Sonship?  This is the darkness of fundamentalism,   Think on this before you refute.  God Blesses His Children in this Awareness of Himself, within.

    Jesus set the example, for he was but one man and changed the world.  Therefore for His sake and his Christ, the Comforter, let us seek ever to  "See" the Good in mens hearts that we see it again in the world inspite of the chaoes.  Therefore BETTER by every Hopeful,Good and Confident THOUGHT!  Let them understand it in heart who can; let them receive it in mind who can.  :-) 



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