Ladies...Do you like your man with long hair or short?

    I know many of you aren't that superficial but this is just a fun subject that my buddies and I like to debate over so your input would be appreciated.

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    coach, ahem, there are several of us who are quite superficial. we're the ones who sit in the corner and laugh our heads off ... or some of us just snicker. i'm the giggling type.

    Just as long as you're not giggling at my shiny noggin my dear. :)

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    Long, short shaved... Men are sexiest when they are confident and secure. The ycan do what ever they like with thier hair. Just keep it clean.

    What about the baldies. Don't leave us out.


    What you see is what you get!

    Short, hair close to the head.

    I like short very well groomed hair on a man.

    It's not the hair that makes the's the man that makes the hair. Long, short, shaved bald...who cares.

    I agree with Melody. It depends on the man. Some look better with long hair, some with short, some bald. George, you definitely have a problem that has nothing whatsoever to do with your hair.

    I've always been attracted to a man with semi-long hair.


    malibumom, do you know any stars. they ALL live in malibu. i know johnny depp doesn't live in malibu but i like the length of his hair - semi long. (i've changed my answer)

    personally short hair

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