I noticed that adds have started to pop up at when I am ready to click on something. It happens at different times. I don't like it!

    I understand that this generates funding for the site and I can appreciate that.  It's just something I need to get used to.

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    Try to avoid the highlighted underline words. Those are the ones that cause the pop ups. I know I've gotten snagged by them too and I end up clicking on the ad instead of the TU which is usually what I'm going for. It can be annoying sometimes but I also know that each click on an ad is generating revenue for the creators of this free to use site. They do still have to pay for the bandwidth it uses so the ads compensate for that. ;)


    Hi Colleen, I thought the underlined words had somehting to do with it. Like I said, no big deal, I hope we make lots, and lots of moola.

    Depending on your O/S you can activate a pop up blocker . Ask in Google "FREEPOPUPBLOCKER" key word is FREE there is someone out there more than willing to sell you a solution for every pain in the ass thing there is on the web. Always type free when looking for things .   Bill


    Thank you Bill for the info, I'll talk to hubby about that. I don't like to add anything without asking him. I'd hate to blow the darn thing up. Regards, Yvonne

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