Why do JW's not allow blood transfusion to save a life

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    Jehovah's Witnesses refuse blood transfusions because they believe that life is a gift from God.  They don't believe in sustaining or saving a life by taking, saving or storing blood whole or in it's four, primary components. 

    It is thought that the scriptures that this belief was taken from was not referring to blood transfusions as they were not 'in fashion' medically speaking when the scriptures were written. 

    According to Wikipedia this doctrine was introduced in 1945.  

    Click on the links below >'s_Witnesses_and_blood_transfusions

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    Yes, God invented people, people became doctors, medical technology is there to help us. I don't understand why you would watch someone lay there and die when a hospital could save them?


    I agree. How could they watch their child, wife, husband or friend die without giving them every chance. Prob they will have a reason but let us wait and hear.

    I haven't heard from the watchtower on this site yet? They usually have to go to their elders to find out how to answer a question or so I've heard from people who have done battle with them.

    Simply put..ignorance is blessed or so "they" say

    Is there no JW out there with an answer

    I think it has something to do with purity and the fact they think the bible prohibits ingesting blood.

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