I want to other things where do I go?

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    There are a thousand search engines and millions of destinations. Its magic !!!! Ask any question and you will be transported in a second . If you cant formulate a question then you are sort of limited.Try typing 100 best web sites in Google Take a look at ebola monkey man and learn about some interesting things . Virtual dates go look at the musem of science and industry in Chicago. Try areial Tram way in Palm springs . Take a look at the Madona Inn in San Louis Obismo Calif. Try www.ask how  Look at laser light shows Griffith Park Calif  Point is you can type anything and be on your way type amazing journeys have fun the only limit is your imagination. Type Legands of the lost dutchman mine. Lost treasures in the american south west.  Have fun !!!!


    bluesman, from your reply, sounds like there is not enough of hours in day, to do things. !

    Tina, get rolling lol.

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