do u ever feel like you are the only one thats getting yeled at an gettin fussed and beatin and everything and not no one elses and they wonder why u act the way u act towards themits cuz they dont no haow u really fell inside intill u have said something about them and they think its you thas the bad person nad its really them

    thats the bad person and u just cannt do nuthing because u are arfird they will hurt u or anything else like that

    and makes u uncomfterbufull around u and ppl that is on there isde and it feels as the whole world is against u and it makes u fell as that u are being hurt inside and dont no one no how u reallly feel untill it has happen 2 them by you and u get punished for it and then u end u gettin hurt inside by that person that makes u feel the way u feel inside and its juts not a good feeling good and then u tirn yourself nto something your are not and u just cannttake the feelings back



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    We are a general questions and answer site. We sometimes try to play part time psychologists but I think you need more than that You need a discussion forum where you can have in depth conversations with people who are right where you are in life. Here's one that may help: SAFE (Stop Abuse For Everyone)


    Bad situation indeed ,without knowing the details only a fool would offer advise here . No one has a right to mistreat anyone . The most advantageous solution is to remove yourself from the abuse  ask for help . Dont settle for less than a good life and never be afraid to ask for help .There are people out there whos only mission in life is to help people in your situation ,thats all they do every day . Only thing keeping you from a better life is asking the right person the right question. Good luck to you its sad that life sucks sometimes ,thats so you will see clearly the great spots . All my best !!!

    but its like a only feeling that u have wen they are being mean towards u because u dont wana do  do the thing they wanna do and its not abuse and its not beating its like they are fussing @ u 4 no reassson and like ppl dont have the feeling i do or theres might be worse but thew ppl that feel as if they are being fussed at im leting tjhem no they are not the only ones that feel that way

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