Want to be totaly blown away by something ???? Go to you tube and type Koreas got talent ,see the young man bring a audaince to tears with his voice ,Amazing !!!!!!!!!!

    inspireing for sure . This will fix a bad day in a instant hope you enjoy

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    Yes I just watched it and I am still crying. This Boy   sang so beautifully,  and  am thinking about him living on the street for 10 years and the hard life he had. This is miracle and he must have had a Guardian Angel watching over him.I am so very happy for him. His Life will change forever for the better,

    Thank you, bluesman, for giving us HOPE!  Truly inspiring.  I am so glad he's from South Korea and not North Korea!

    I'm a fan! I just watched it and tears were flowing from my eyes before he even started to sing.


    Amazing world we live in . I have another treat for you on you tube watch Willie Nelsons Precious Memories it s about 7 mins but its time well spent.
    country bumpkin

    Oh,was that you who said you want this played at your funeral? I 've already watched it. There were several to choose from, the one I watched was with beautiful scenery from all over the world. Is this the same one you are talking about?

    Thanks bluesman, that was a very touching video, I enjoyed it.

    Yes that would be the one . What do you think it would be like if we could use the music and put our own family pictures in this video . I would love to know how to do that .

    country bumpkin

    Great Idea.

    Sometimes hard life create amazing human with successful career, a distinguishing one. So unique.

    Very inspiration voice throat he has this Korean young man



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