Does getting a transfusion change your DNA?

    I asked the doctor and he said most likely not.  But, I am not the same as before.  I am not shy about my body anymore.  I still don't like being overweight but who does???  Beside that, my personality is different.  Not less but much more.  I flirt like crazy.  I am much more sexual than before.  How can I explain this other than I got some traits from the transfusions!

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    It will help us if you tell us the reason for your transfusion.

    The reason was to save my life. Why else?

    but why were you bleeding to death ?

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    was this a brain or a blood transfusion?


    Very funny daren 1. It was a great deal of plasma transfusions. 17 to be exact. I think my whole body fluid was changed.
    The reason was to save my life.

    So, I assume by your answer to Daren, that you had Leukemia ? or some other type of blood cancer ? That's what my g.friend's daughter has now.

    Where did you get that transfusion? I have to talk my wife into it 'cause a little more sex won't hurt


    Our local hospital in Illinois.

    Have her try some progestron cream. It calms and restores me.

    I doubt that you can change your DNA at all....but that's my opinion

    a transfusion replace the blood lost in your body but it would not change your DNA. The blood given will be destroyed by your immune system and the nutrients will be used to form new blood. In the mean time the donor blood cells transport oxygen and nutrients until it is reformed

    It's hard to believe you think your DNA could be changed by a blood transfusion. Do you really think a blood transfusion will change the color of your eyes, hair, or skin?  The shape of your nose, the size of your feet?  COME ONE!  DNA is like a blueprint. Changing the wallpaper doesn't change the building. 

    The thing you MIGHT want to think about is whether or not the blood that was transfused had been tested for diseases like AIDS, hepatitis, and so on.  Those won't change your DNA, either, but the consequences could be devastating.



    Those diseases would have shown by now. So, why did my personality change? Not 100% but about 30% is different. I have done things the last 2 years that I thought impossble before.
    If I were still able to have children, they might have something from the donor that I had passed on to them.

    Lupe, I doubt sincerely that a blood transfusion would cause your personality to change because of the BLOOD that entered your system. Blood has been tested for nearly 30 years for diseases, so the likelihood you received a tainted transfusion is minimal.
    What about your personality changed? What else around you changed? Did you lose a child, get into an accident, go through a divorce, lose a loved one, move, get a different job or lose your job, become a grandparent, gain or lose weight, experience spiritual enlightenment or disillusionment.....the list of what triggered changes is endless.
    Think about the circumstances and situations that were affecting your life at that time, and over the past two years. Perhaps you can work backwards from how you think you are now to what was the instigation for the change. I'd be interested in knowing what you learn about yourself!
    9/16 ZULUO: My eldest had some transfusions during his first month. He was premature and had some serious difficulties to overcome. I didn't even think of the possibility of "bad blood" until he was 6...I went to the blood bank to inquire about the blood he'd received. They assured me all the blood had been tested for years BEFORE he'd had his transfusions. (1986). Your comment brings back the concern, but I appreciate you telling me this!

    Good answer Bob, I liked the part about the wall paper. TU2U girl.

    The list of changes are so many. I will have to really have to think about this for a while.

    Donars are interview and the blood is tested, and screened for different illnesses. If someone had been exposed to HIV and had not yet known, if it was very early on, this may not show up in the tests.

    Blood transfusions cannot, or will not change your DNA, because the transfusion, involve red blood cells, which has nothing to do with your DNA.

    Lupe, Were  you given anti-anxiety drugs and anti depression drugs after or during your many blood transfusions ?  I find that ---that can make a person more outgoing and take more risks, b/c it lowers their inhibitions.

    You say that you flirt like crazy and are more sexual than before.

    You must have been administered African-American blood. When you;re at a movie theater, have you noticed whether you now cannot stop yourself from talking while the movie is playing?


    that has nothing to do with being African-American. One personally just need to stop talking so much over others or while a movie is playing, quite rude.

      Definitely not!

    This really is a serious question.



    Sorry Lupe, I have never hear anything like it.

    Lupe, as we mature, many of our beliefs, morals, and values change.

    Being more in tune with "popular thinking" doesn't mean your personality has changed, just that you have either changed your mind about some things, have given up your stand on those things, have compromised your beliefs on some things, or have come to the conclusion that it's time to readjust your thinking on some things.

    DNA doesn't have anything to do with your thought processess or the effect of life around you.  And, whatever you do, DON'T believe what "toneet" wrote.  That is some of the most incredible delusion I've ever heard (award-winning).

    I think that reason for your change although in your case it might have been done by your subconscious is that you were near death or you thought you were, so now you are trying to enjoy your life a little more.

    My husband had serious, open-chest surgery to remove a mass, and it scared him tremendously. His personality definitely changed afterward he told me. ( This was shortly before I met him). H e said going through something traumatic like that made him see life in a in a whole new and different way than he had before.  He became more outgoing in his personality, but also more serious.  I think going through major events in our lives can draw out different aspects of our personalities to help us cope in some way.


    To Michmar--do you live in Mich ?
    Years ago, my uncle had a heart attack and it changed him.First of all, he quit smoking and drinking. My aunt said , ''Now, if he could just learn to quit swearing '' laff
    Anyway, another way he changed was ---he used to like to swim and dance. He quit both of those activities.....My aunt said it was b/c he thought he'd have another heart attack. My mother said he was more fun before his heart attack.I think many post heart attack victims change b/c they suffer from PTSD .

    What was the mass ? Was it benign ?

    mycatsmom, I don't hail from Michigan, but am originally from Wisconsin. It was benign, about the size of a medium apple, but they did not know going in if it was malignant or not. This was in the late "70's and he was only 16. Thanks for asking....PS-I love your user name!

    Absdolutely,  NOT!!!

    No. Only your skin color!!!


    I did turn purple for a while!

    Sometimes, in some parts of the world, boys that get transfusions start changing into blonde little girls, but that's still under investigation :))That might explain the purple too, maybe you got the blood from a man, and your body was rejecting it.

    not an expert but i say no way jose



    no no no no

    no that blood is used for volume if pressure is low due to a gun shot lets say ,,,also whole red blood contains oxygen to feed the tissues ,,,you are already labled and will not change ,,giving blood cannot not enter your genetic make up

    i believe that it could be possible. Your atoms are entangled with the donors atoms which form

    an instantaneousness communication port which could interfere with your normal communication 

    patterns thus cause a reaction of interference  


    Some of my personality has changed. More in common with popular thinking than I used to be.

    DNA needs to be directly placed in a cell to keep from reforming. Otherwise it becomes chemical soup


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