Is it possible to get life insurance for someone who had bypass surgery about 8 years ago?

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    Yes  some companies   will,   After 5 years from last  attack, or 2 years with graded benefit,   or just rated the policy to get you the full death benefit.

    I had TRIPLE BYPASS AND LUNG CANCER SURGERY both in late 2006 and I got two policies in 09/10 for total 50k for less than $100./mo.

    I'm sure U can, just prepare yourself that U will be paying more 4 coverage.

    Is this person alive?

    I don't see why not. Why bother buying health insurance AT ALL? Under Obamacare you can have a heart attack and enroll into a heath insurance plan while in the ambulance on your way to the hospital. Its all good. Somone else (tax payers) will cover it.


    I don't understand :Do you think poor people should just die to salvage your precious tax dollars?What would you have the government do with YOUR tax dollars? What would satisfy you ? Should the penalty for being poor be death? The more you have the better the deals get. In case you don't know poor people pay more for everything.What is the ideal solution for the sick and poor shall we let them all die ? Some had jobs at one time ,but with the rich out sourcing jobs what's the point of even trying .

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