What person carries the moral torch for this counry if not our leaders?

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    We the people. Our leaders are chosen to serve we the people. No one person should be considered our moral torch bearer…everyone here has that job. Were we to single out one person for such a title all else would be diminished in their responsibility by such a choice.

    We the People for this country, pass on the torch to a new generation. The way our country is, in chaos and ruins have diminished our faith in our political leaders.

    I think instead of bailing out the banks and bailing out our government maybe it would be best to let nature take it's course. I know that this is the path of uncertainty, but maybe it would be for the better?

    Through our mistakes comes better decisions usually. As we have seen though all the political scandals over the years many of our elected officials don't have morals, or have just ignored them when it comes to their lives. I'm not expecting them to be perfect, I just expect them to do what's right for the people. The problem is that politics are so corrupt that even if you go into it with good intentions, once big business gets a hold of you and contributes to your campaign fund, you wind up owing someone.

    Most politicians fail to follow through with their original intentions to help the country because of the strangle hold the lobbyists have on congress, new laws favor big business, it's a corrupt and immoral business.

    We have to carry it, as well as our burdens on our own.. We can not put trust in men. They always fail you.

    This is easy.  Let's see:

    NOT Ex governor of Illinois Rod Blagojevich, hmm, he may go to jail;

    NOT Ex president William Jefferson Clinton, hmm, the Monica controversy;


    NOT Tiger Woods, hmm, has to contend with Confucius' questioning: 

             Q.  What did Confucius say to Tiger Woods?

             A.  He who drive well in "fairway" does not "fare" well in driveway


    NOT Senator of Idaho, Larry Craig, hmm, spent too much time at airports tapping shoes


    NOT Arnold Schwarzenegger, hmm, I wonder why:

            Q.  What did Maria Shriver say to Arnold Schwarzenegger?  Hasta La Vista Baby!

            Q.  What did Arnold say to his housekeeper?  I'll be back!


    That leaves only two people: Madonna and Lady Gaga

    I'll let Lady Gaga carry the moral torch for this country!





    Not the former mayor of Detroit, Kwaumi Kilpartrick, b/c he's in prison for stealing money from the city

    Simon Cowell. Who else ?

    Can you tell me exactly where morality still is?

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