What classes need to be taught in high school to better prepare them for Life?

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    The one I am training to teach now! "Life on Life's Terms", coupled with Spirituality, and of course, dealing with people.

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    A class on common sense.

    Also, bring back spelling. It should go all the way through to the 12th grade. I think most school systems stop spelling class in the 6th grade.


    Agree - agree - agree .... far too many children are lacking in good spelling. I do also believe that it is partly due the mobile phone "slang".

    I would teach a class called real life or life really isn't fair. I think the more realistic you are with the young one's the more they will be prepared for real life. How to pay your bill, and how to choose the best job for you would be good classes too. Good question, thumbs up.

    Foreign languages.  Most Asian and European people know 2-3 or more languages while the Americans can hardly deal with just one.

    How do you expect the kids here to appreciate American foreign policies and their friends from other countries when they have no clue as to other cultures and languages?


    They need to know the basics before High School, reading, writing, arithmetic.

    I would teach self esteem and one called "reality 101"  this would shatter their assumptions they will hopefully avoid some bad decisions.

    Practical Math... Check book, credit cards, taxes....

    spanish and sign language should be mandatory in our growing society.


    Sign language yes. Spanish, no. We cater to that language enough. If you live in the USA, speak American. Sorry. I will not bend on that.

    My oldest niece knows sign language

    Colleen, sorry but as much as you might hate it USA is slowly becoming bilingual. Besides, what's wrong with that? In Europe many, many countries speak more than one language. I think it is a positive thing for any country. I have been in Europe few times and they have among some countries something that strike me funny and it goes like this. " How do you call a person who speaks more than one language? Answer? Multilingual. Two languages? Bilingual. And a person who speaks one language? Answer? American.

    What's wrong with that? It makes the imports lazy about giving up their culture. Come to America to be American or stay in your own country. Unless a person plans on traveling to other countries, I see no reason why kids should be forced to learn another language.

    "And a person who speaks one language? Answer? American"

    Sorry, I refuse to accept your intended insult.
    There are a great many Americans who do speak more than their native language.

    Oh and I never said I hated it. Don't be so quick on tossing around the hate word. I just don't agree with it. I dislike pressing one for English or turning the box at Walmart to see the English side or hearing Spanish spoken in my stores. I live in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Not Mexico. The flag I fly and that flies from my state capitol and capitol hill is the stars and stripes. As it always will be. My flag does not speak Spanish.

    Greater communication skills.

    I will have to say .... languages. America is the power of the free world. Why limit ourselves to ONE language? 


    Because we are the power and everyone learns our language...well except for the ones crossing our boarders illegally and demanding that we learn their language and fly their flag.

    Colleen, I agreed on that point and in that point only. But if you remove that point from the equation you still have to deal with Puerto Ricans. They are US Citizens by the Constitution and they speak spanish. You also have Texas, Baja California, Florida, New York just to mention few States were the population of spanish speaking people is greater and were born on american soil and therefore they are US Citizens with the same rights as a white american. If a white person "demand" something base on the rights of the US constitution .... I will have to say that a spanish speaking person born in the US soil have the same rights to "demand" anything base on his rights. How can you ask that person not to speak spanish or to "demand" anything from his constitution just because he/she is spanish descendent ?

    Doesn't matter. The official language of the USA is American English. They all should speak the language. Puerto Ricans too if they come to the mainland. If a person is American, then they should speak the American language, no matter who they descend from. They also can not demand to fly the Mexican flag. They can go to Mexico and do that. Same with the Puerto Ricans if they were to decide to make such a demand. Heck, I'm a natural born American, speak the language and I can't even get my own rights. I'm not going to worry about if they can fly their flag at our schools.

    Colleen, United States Of America does not have OFFICIAL LANGUAGE. Check the facts. That is one of the reasons that California every so often goes and vote to preserve the english language in the State. Check the constitution itself. Check Wikipedia, Google it. It will tell you that US does not have official language. It reads .... English 82.1%, Spanish 10.7%, Have a good night Colleen, it is 1:30am here in Boston and I have to work tomorrow. Ciao, adios, good bye, good night, buenas noches.

    Varon, We are the United States of America. We speak American. I'm tired of immigrants trying to take over MY COUNTRY! I will fight forever this crap of having more than one language here. The USA does not need to be the new tower of babel. NO the Mexicans can not have Ca and Texas back! They ruined their own country. They're not going to ruin this one too. If English is not listed as the official language it's because our forefathers had enough common sense to know it did not need to be listed as the official language. Only people with no common sense would argue it. It should be students choice if they are to learn another language. I don't give two hoops if you believe people should be able to live here and speak their own language and expect others to learn their foreign tongue while living as a non citizen of the USA. Scratch that, even as a citizen, they should speak the language of the land. You want to live in America, speak American. If I were to move to another country and adopt it as my home, I'd respect my new home and learn the language spoken there and I would not march in the streets screaming the US flag should fly in that country too ffs.

    "good bye, good night" Was fine. Save the rest for the non Americans.

    On this one i honestly feel that if a person wishes to learn another language it should be done as a at night classes etc.. There are far too many children at our schools that have problems learning their own language without trying to introduce another. When i was at school i had French classes, and to be fair i did learn a little just to get me by, but to be honest i have only used it once in a fashion. When i was at school i would of rather done more science or meatalwork than do French.


    i am not sure about high school,but some stuff should difinitely be taught at home.................i.e.    if you want something you have to work for it................parents need to stop giving their kids stuff like cell phones,ipods,cars,paying their cell phone bill,the rest of the world is not going to hand you want ever you get a good education and find a job that will take care of you for life....your parents are not going to be around for ever to do that for you.

         Household finances, which would include what a mortgage is and how it works, how to balance a checkbook, how to file your own taxes,how to avoid credit card debt, and figuring out a household budget.  Not teaching this type of course in high school is one major reason why our economy has tanked; too many people listened to the banks when the banks convinced them they could afford mortgages that were way over their heads.


    Good answer!!

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