Why are so many people being put/or are in prison if statistics say crime is "down"?

    new jails are being planned all over

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    and who says crime doesn't pay?  Just ask Bernie Madoff.

    Maybe crime is down due to the arrests of the criminals and tougher jail sentences.

    i am of the opinion white collar crime and fraud is under reported and law enforcement doesn' t have the man-power to manage it better. We only see or hear about 10% of it I'll guess.... People are too embarassed after they been victimized.

    Crime is not down, never will , probably. Its all about culture. Most in prison are black and hispanic. Most blacks are in for aggravated violence, hispanics, in for drugs, and whites in for sex offenders ,stealing.

    Interesting question.

    America incarcerates the most  persons in the world. With increases as new prisons are built. We need to work on helping inmates from returning.........this is a major social problem...especially as the population ages.

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