why do i feel like im not loved like my brothers and sisters?

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    Are you the youngest or oldest of your siblings?

    Once you become a parent you may understand a little better that you love your kids as equally as possible, but being that you all have different personalities, you can't treat all of your kids exactly alike. The reason is because you are different, I'm sure your parents love you just as much!

    I don't know the whole story, I don't know if you are causing them more grief than your siblings, but whatever the details are I know parents love their children. Just be the best Claire you can be. Hope this helps.

    guilty conscience?

    Everyone gets involved with thier seprate lives and you grow apart.. It is normal.. They still love you. You will become consumed with your own life some day soon and they will wonder why you dont need then like you once did.. It is part of growing up,and independant.

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