what do you do when someone is constantly late?

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    You take the usual amount of time they are late and tell them to meet you that much earlier than they need to be at your house to pick you up. My step-daughter is always 30 minutes late no matter what, day or night, bad weather, good weather. So I tell her to be at the house 30 minutes earlier than she needs to be here, works every time. If she decides to start being later than usual, I would adjust the time to the difference in time.

    Good advice from 6dogs.Don't get mad - GET EVEN! Arrange things earlier than planned & KEEP THEM WAITING for a change. We have had this problem with a person close to us for several years.Now when arrangements are being made I am deliberately vague about meeting times.I know this frustrates him & I have enjoyed some success with this tactic.

    6dogs has a good remedy but I don't think it would work long before this person catches on.  I have a friend that was (is) like this, we did this trick but eventually he caught on and would still be late, making us late..   For years now when we are to go someplace, we give him the time and the place, we don't wait for him.. he shows up late no problem..  He understands but just can't help himself.  Incidentally,  this friend is the 'county sheriff' ..  Imagine that??

    Start what ever it is you are going to do without them

    If You are to meet at noon, leave before 12:30.


    Just leave without them,time waits for no one,why should you.?

    one thing that really upsets me is people being late either for work or friends cant stand it I always say earlyer than the time you want   then they came on the exspected time as they never come early even when I mention that it upsets me that you are late they seem not to care but I do get even by telling them a different time good luck 


    yes your right right there they do arrive evnturley thanks for the comment

    Don't make plans with that person.  A deal is a deal.  There's no need for you to ascertain her arrival time.


    Of course, there are exceptions to this rule:  If you're from Hawaii.


    Maybe hes has not got a watch,or cant tell the time.

    Stop worrying about it until their permanantly late!!!

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