what to do with a cheating husband

    what to do with a cheating husband

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    On your comment ratt, is that against the man or the woman? I only ask because of the outdated belief that a woman should keep her man happy at all cost and never disagree with him because he is master of the house. I'm just asking to see if you were thinking of that old belief or not. I'm always surprised that there are still cave dwellers among us who believe that way.


    too bad there isn't a prison for cheaters right, but would you be there, I mean at anytime in your life did you cheat on someone, forgive if the first time and if not it would appear he hasn't any remorse and will do it any time the chance arises


    A man that spends too much time in the dog house, usually ends up in the cat house.

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    If you know he's cheating dump him, he broke his promise.

    Maybe he fell in love with another woman because he didn't feel loved at home.



    Either except he is going to cheat or get rid of him.

    divorce him and move on with life.

    There are 2 options. If you feel the relationship can be restored along with the trust then work on it. Maybe you are both taking each other for granted, maybe the romance needs rekindled(although that needs trust and healing). There could be a multitude of things within the relationship that may need a councellor. A relationship that looses the spark is very common but it doesn't warrant being cheated on. The communication must be restored and the truth come out so you both can start to work on things.For the mean time, he must realize that trust is hard to get back because in most cases it was hard to give. If the wife truly loves her husband, time can heal it. If not then he better be ready to reap the consequences of his actions. Betrayal is a huge thing for any man or woman to decide the marriage is worth salvaging.If he is lucky to have a woman that can overlook this and he doesn't rampage his cheating with not taking responsibility, there might be a chance. Patience, time, love and trust are things that in time can be restored.

    leave! or kick him out!

    Take him out back and stone him.Just leave him.

    If it's a one time thing, give him a pass. If it's constant leave immediately. You don't need a disease on top of the infidelity.

    There are two kinds of cheaters.
    1. Those that are sorry they got caught.
    2. Those that are sick about the fact they broke their vows.
    If he is the first, kick his ass out before you become a victim of a selfish spouse.
    If he is the second, forgive him and work on improving your marriage.

    Reasons for cheating spouses are as many as the stars it just happens I cheated she cheated we cheated it happens get over it get on with it dwelling on it will eat you alive been there done that life is too short

    Cheaters are filthy scum !!!!!!! Man Or Woman . Wait till he goes to sleep and cut his balls off and shove them up his ass.


    WOW lol :)


    What if they break up with you then have there fling then directly after want to come back ?

    Ms Sinclair

    Gee bluesman1951. Why don't you tell us what you really think? lol

    Guns are good.

    One word: castration
    Two words: Divorce Lawyer
    Three words: Steel Chastity Belt
    Four words: medical test for "STD's"
    Five words: Tell him you are leaving.
    Six words: Take him for all he's worth.

    Or, combine all of the above twenty one words in one form or another.

    Yes well listen here, I gave my man ample chances. I forgave him 6 maybe 7 times and he did it again while I was visiting my mother in FL. If a person cheats once I feel they will do it again. A cheater is a cheater. I'm saving money to move out, I cannot tell you how hard it is to stay here and act as though nothing is wrong, and he is mad at me as I won't give him what he wants too bad he should have thought of that before he cheated on me again. he abused my niceness and better nature

    I have been married for 31 years.We have 2 children and when they were very young I discovered solid evidence that he was cheating on me. He admitted cheating. MY loving parents strong morals were passed on to me. I would never consider cheating on my husband. I fould a way to forgive him and move on. HIS ACTIONS REMAIN DEEP IN MY HEART AND I WILL CARRY THEM ALWAYS.
    I Wanted you to know my past. Most of the time I would not support divorce.In your case You should imediately file for a devorce. His actions are repulsive and any Judge would give help you when he delivers the settlement,He knows you may need special care or die, Selfishly he has moved on without you. Do you have a dedicated docter or minister that could advise you of a good lawyer.

    I have cancer and he took cash out of the bank and bought a house on the water in Florida.

    He's living there alone and I think he has a girlfriend

    When the cancer came back I begged him to come back and help me but he refused.

    He pays all my bills and I have only recently felt well enough to get a job.

    Meanwhile I have no money, but I own the house I live in although he did convince me to borrow 200,000 and build him an office and a studio

    I need a really good divorce lawyer because I think he's getting ready to divorce me.

    Any advice?

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