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Did you know Tanja?
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No, I didn't. Sadly, it's fairly common that the one who first says, "I love you", then goes on the attack, sometimes with the ultimate anger ending in death!

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How many pork pies do you eat each week?
Answers: 7 Views: 268 Rating: 2 Posted: 7 years ago

I've never enjoyed pork pies because I found them way too greasy!

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Here is a Curiosity that i just found out to-day..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..
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Interesting article. Might look ugly but also very useful.....yard sales, farmers' markets, anywhere when you need to make change but have your hands free and are also too busy to watch your purse/wallet in a crowd. We call them "fanny packs" even though the word "fanny" is a rather old fashioned word here in Canada.

Also called "money belt" (especially for travelling)

Money Belt

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It depends on which research you choose to believe. The manufacturers of microwave ovens have lots of statistics to prove that it is perfectly safe. Some scientists have lots of statistics to prove that it removes much of the nutrition from many foods.

Personally, I no longer own a microwave, by choice. Who can be in so much of a hurry that they cannot use a toaster oven or stove element to warm or cook food?

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A point of view to ponder
Answers: 3 Views: 279 Rating: 4 Posted: 21 days ago

Way too much for my brain. Besides, I hate beer!     :)

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BTW,JDB Good going on getting over 1000,00 karma points! Congrats!
Answers: 3 Views: 285 Rating: 5 Posted: 29 days ago

Congratulations JDB....Don't eat this "Points Cake" all at once. It might make you sick!

Image result for image animated john deere tractor

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Are you ready for a storm?
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Always. It's part of life here during the winter so we just take storms for granted. Most are just a regular event but if there is a power outage, now that is hard to take. Nothing to do but wait it out.

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Has anybody ever showed animals at county or state fairs. Ever win .
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No animals but the one time I entered a country fair, I won first prize for my spool knitted "table protector". I was so proud at my young age of 8 or 9.  :)

Image result for image of round spool knitting

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What do you think is more nutricious , pork fat or green beans.
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I cannot for one minute believe a "study" that tells people that vein clogging pork fat is healthy. The study must have taken place in southern United States because that's all they seem to use to cook with down there. Tasty but VERY unhealthy! Now, here's some more confusing information for you.....

P.S. After all that, I love (and eat) pork chops, bacon (sparingly) and pork roasts!     LOL!!!

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what kind of person are you
Answers: 3 Views: 345 Rating: 3 Posted: 1 month ago

This kind....

Image result for pic cranky old woman

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