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When you make an appointment, do you post a note on the fridge, to your smart phone. commit it to memory....?
Answers: 3 Views: 165 Rating: 3 Posted: 7 days ago

My whole life is written in my daily planner. Been doing that for years. People think I have a great memory. Hah!

Rating: 3 Posted: 7 days ago
Ok, What did I do now??
Answers: 1 Views: 310 Rating: 4 Posted: 14 days ago

Did you get your problem solved yet JDB? I hope we hear from you soon.  :(

Rating: 4 Posted: 13 days ago
What do you think about Derek Chauvin's murder conviction in the death of George Floyd?
Answers: 4 Views: 417 Rating: 5 Posted: 26 days ago

George Floyd was not an angel as some (very few after watching the trial) are quick to point out, when trying to justify the behavior of a "bad cop". Did Floyd deserve to die as a result of this incident? No! Officer Chauvin will be punished for his actions, as I believe he rightly should be. I have no doubt that this officer is arrogant and was very proud to show his power. Had he not been video taped, he would continue to act in the same manner and get away with it....again. (Doubtful that this was a first.) He wanted everyone nearby to witness his "power". Now the whole world saw it and he will pay dearly, as he deserves.

Rating: 7 Posted: 26 days ago
how to fix error message ee2 on beauty rest electric blanket control
Answers: 1 Views: 342 Rating: 0 Posted: 1 month ago

Contact the manufacturer here....

Rating: 1 Posted: 1 month ago
What is your trick to have avoided COVID-19?
Answers: 4 Views: 759 Rating: 4 Posted: 1 month ago

So far, so good. I do what the experts tell us to do. By experts, I mean those with expertise in the field of medicine and global viruses. Same ol' same ol' that we've been hearing for over a year now, which has been proven to keep the numbers down.

Wear a mask, no social gatherings, out for necessities only, wash hands.

Boring as it is, I will continue to follow the protocols since I believe I could easily be a-symptomatic. I never get a flu shot and I never get the flu. This time though, I'm even scheduled to get "THE SHOT".....because I am listening. 

Rating: 6 Posted: 1 month ago
If you had the chance to live your life over again, what would you change?
Answers: 5 Views: 538 Rating: 5 Posted: 1 month ago

I have a college diploma but if I were just starting my schooling, I would strive for 2 or 3 degrees. Why? I now know that I could do very well and I would appreciate and enjoy the challenge.

Rating: 6 Posted: 1 month ago
How many of these 6 morning routines do you do?
Answers: 4 Views: 769 Rating: 4 Posted: 2 months ago

I do some of them. I always make a 'to-do' list, even if it's just a lot of easy tasks. I always make my bed. I often read something in the morning. Every now and again, I actually go for a walk or exercise.  :)

Rating: 4 Posted: 2 months ago
To those of you who patronize restaurants negatively impacted by the covidvirus, have you ever tipped just a "little extra"?
Answers: 4 Views: 823 Rating: 5 Posted: 2 months ago

I always leave a very decent tip as long as the service is good. If the service was terrible, I do not leave a tip. Some don't agree with me but I can't see tipping wait staff who have no interest in doing a good job.

Rating: 5 Posted: 2 months ago
The inability to __________________has affected me the most doing the covidvirus.
Answers: 7 Views: 923 Rating: 6 Posted: 3 months ago

The inability to breathe properly due to mask wearing, is a slight inconvenience but obviously keeping our numbers very low. What I really miss though, is socializing with friends, hugging people and partaking in activities that have been shut down for months.

Rating: 6 Posted: 3 months ago
Anyone have reoccurring dreams that ruin your day?
Answers: 3 Views: 676 Rating: 3 Posted: 4 months ago

Eight years!? I'm no psychiatrist, but the fact that you "cannot stand this person" and a dream about him/her "ruins your day", indicates to me that some in-depth counselling is required to help you sort things out and begin to move forward. This anger that you still experience has gone on way too long! Ask for professional help and the sooner the better.

Rating: 3 Posted: 4 months ago

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