Is Donald Trump heading for Gaol...?????????

    and is he guilty or just not innocent..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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    Gaol? You mean jail? Donald Trump is guilty of many crimes but for his entire life, he has been able to get others to do his dirty work. THEY go to jail but he always seems to come through every accusation, every trial, every wrong doing, without so much as a slap on the wrist. He is very simply, a criminal. Do I think he'll go to jail this time? Highly unlikely. Some of his "followers" will but still, no one will care.

    In addition, I wonder where Melania is these days. She sure keeps a low profile. Hmmm....

    terryfossil 1

    Apparently the debate rumbles along concerning Gaol and Jail Quacker..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<< for Trump..i believe he should end up in Gaol or Psychiatric..he should feel at home in either..good to read your silky voice again Quacker..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    Odd that you should mention my voice even though I know we have never 'spoken'. For decades, people have been able to recognize me on the phone, by my voice. It's often referred to as "smooth and/or nasal". Pretty perceptive Terry! LOL!!
    As for Trump, I agree and seriously believe that the man has a mental health issue. :(
    terryfossil 1

    Weeelll Quacker.AKA and email are the closest i can come to actually talking to people..although i did have a face to face with Romos and Country Bumpkin on Skype a fair while ago..but i do not know if Skype is still out there.. >>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<..

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