Did you see the latest Elvis movie, called "ELVIS"? Starring Tom Hanks, as Elvis's manager.

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    I haven't seen it yet but I certainly want to. I think it's been here and gone. I'll have to wait until they show it on television I guess.

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    Yikes!!!   :)))


    I certainly did see it Tab..i have always been a big fan of Elvis..But the movie did not quite do it for me..and i do not think Tom Hanks was the man for that roll..and i do like Tom..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    Was it only Tom Hanks in the role that you didn't like? Those that I know, who have seen it, can only rave about the movie and how great it was.
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    g'day Quacker,,i think i should not have answered this question,,i grew up with the pres..i combed my hair like the Pres..the movie pulls him down a bit..all i can say is the movie did not do it for me..but it was not a bad movie..a nice touch was Elvis singing the last song in the movie..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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