Have you ever experienced something "supernatural"?

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    Yes, God revealed in Jesus through the Holy Spirit, along with the restored spiritual realm.

    There was a time in my life many years ago, when I went through some pretty hard times. Then one night I had this very simple dream where I had looked at this envelope addressed to me from this person I didn't know. I remembered it very distinctly, as it was a very unique envelope. The next day I recieved that very same letter that I had dreamed about the night before. As I picked the envelope up and realized it was the one I had dreamed half scared me to death. I say it half scared me to death, as it shocked me so much to see it, that I actually dropped it and just stood there staring at it! Eventually I picked it up, but it made me feel like the hair on the back of my neck stood up. That person became one of the most influential people in my life for many, many years to come. It's an odd story, but it is very much a true one. Today, when I do hear someone relate to me something like what I have just shared with you...I'm not really much of a skeptic.

    I believe this may qualify. When, I first started in emergency services, I would lay my hand on the phone and I was able to tell, when the phone would ring an what the nature of the emergency was, after doing this for a period of time they told me if, I didn't quit doing this they were going to terminate me. So, I stopped touching the phone at a later time, I tried again and was unable to do so.

    thats a pity to lose such a gift.

    What you may consider to be supernatural has always been normal to me. When I told people about what I saw and heard their mouth would fall open, their eyes would open widely and they would run out of the room. When someone would come into my space and their guardian angel would say something to them I would talk to both of them although the man or woman would deny their recognition of the guardian that I recognized. I talked to every living creature including birds and they talked back to me. If my mother lost anything in the house I knew what it was and where it was. Such ability disturbed her occasionally. She liked to play a little game with me when she brought home groceries or some other thing. Having just walked through the door she would ask me "whats in the bag?” …and I would tell her everything in the bag, how much she paid and where she bought it. I didn’t consider it unusual until I was seven. Some people would get upset if I said what they were thinking about so I learned some people don’t like for their thoughts to be broadcast. In time I learned to not tell people what they considered to be unusual. and of course adults attempted every possible device to get my abilities muted. They were not successful but I did learn to pretend that I didn’t know what I have known all along. It’s better to pretend not to know than to go through EST or hypnosis receptively eventually pretend or endure some new crippling adjustment therapy. Most folk seem to prefer being smarter or more able than a seven year old child or now as a 66 year old retired guy.



    i dont think its weird i find these things fascinating!

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