why do ppl like justin beiber

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    teens and preteens like him because he's a trendy thing, cool to talk about, young girls fantasize being with him because being with him will make them the queen at school with  friends. 

    IMO-- I don't think anyone likes him for his talent as he is mediocre at best. He's cute and has cute feminine features, kinda like a doll that they play with only alive.  Soon I believe he will be 18 years old, he will soon be replaced by another child star and his name of Justin Bieber will fade away into a distant memory. It happens in every generation. My generation it was Paul Anka, Fabian, Bobby Rydell, generations after me was Donny Osmond, Shaun Cassidy, etc.. It changes with the generations,Its rare that any of them keep their high profile celebrity status beyond 20 years old.

    This question has no answer.  It's a mystery to a lot of us!

    Becusth he isth tho cute.


    i dont know why

    idk  hes  sings like a grl

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