what happens when you die

    do you become another person or do you stay in heaven

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    Your body returns to nature, your soul goes to heaven or hell depending weather you have accept Christ as your savior or not. No reincarnation, no second chance, do it now, get ready.

    I disagree. But then as you know, I believe in reincarnation and think Christianity falls short on the truth of Soul and how God loves all and accepts all even if they do not take Christ in.
    Headless Man

    I know your choice, freewill.
    The cells in your brain begin to disintegrate and can no longer form logical function. This is not a huge change for some people. :o)
    Headless Man

    Did the Devil make you do
    If you are in Christ, you (as a soul) and spirit return to heaven to live with Him forever. If not, you sleep in the grave until Judgment Day, and your soul is resurrected with your spirit. You are then judged according to your works, and separated from God for eternity into a level of darkness.
    The breath of life comes up out of the structure of self, called the soul. The spirit which was within, like mercury, returns to that which gave it.

    The soul, like a woman's withered shells, are cast into the void, returns to the ground from where man was created.

    Your sister,


    Is that the 'dust' thingie???

    That actually made little sense.

    @Vinny hahahaha!!

    Only God can give the breath of life. It returns to God. The soul, returns to the ground. Oh if you had only known, that a woman is born into the world with the empty shells on either side of her core. But, they wither with her age. Exactly, like the body in time. We enter the structure through the synthesis of creation that man and woman do to create a life story or how a person comes to be. I don't want to go into it. Perhaps, when you are ready to hear it; then it will make more sense to you. - Adreamer2
    Having "died" more times than I have bothered counting, I can say it's like taking shoes off that have been on your tired and sore feet all day. Relaxing into a comfortable chair and take a little nap as all the things you have been attached to over the course of your life simply falls away as no longer something to hang on to.

    Eventually you get up and you go with someone who is reassuring to a place where you are to be judged. You are usually asked to sit on the floor if you like to answer a few questions. The part of God who has escorted you through much of your life is there with you and encourages you to let them answer for you. If you choose to answer yourself (some folk are anxious or fearful about this, not trusting the unfolding events). You will be asked a series of questions and you must answer truthfully. Being less familiar with truth than lying and dodging many folk are asked to step aside until their Mystery Monitor can enlist your cooperation. You are better off letting your mystery monitor answer for you throughout the process.

    No one is sent to hell or heaven. You may have work to do in some areas of your life's adventure, everyone I know of has more work to do. This involves planning and preparation for your next adventure series as a Pilgrim in Time.
    If you are extremely lucky you are reincarnated as a dog owned by somone who will love you as much as I love my dog.
    people believe when you die you enter a endless void Buddhists believe in endless rebirth Muslims believe they shall receive 70 virgins and be with Allah in paradise the jews believe that they shall be with father abraham christians believe that we shall
    SPIRT please come to JESUS he loves you and is waiting
    for you thank you for reading this
    No one can say for sure. It's important to find out what you believe happens :)
    The IRS get's pissed because they can't tax you anymore....

    But fear not - they'll tax your family for all the stuff you leave behind.....

    The IRS - the gift that keeps on taking..........

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