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    Themselves they are selfish`


    It isn't always 'others.' Many times Christians help fellow Christians who are in need. The Christian church is not unlike a hospital where hurting people congregate. Not one is unique and from time to time, we all need helping hands.

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    I hope that we are all here to help each other in some way......


    That's a nice thought Darci...I agree with you.

    I can't speak for the rest of the "others" out there, but I'm here to take care of my family, friends, and whoever needs me because it's the right thing to do and it has NOTHING to do with Christianity.


    Thanks Sammy. There are some wonderful Christian people out there so I won't let one overzealous person make me think differently. There are also many wonderful non-christians out there as well. Daren will realize this someday.


    No sweat Daren. We all have strong convictions about certain subjects. If that's your only fault then you're just like the rest of us.






    thats a good answer coach.


    yes hes just talking out of is a--e lol

    I think most of the regular people are on this site to help others, their intentions are good, though they may be Christians or Non-Christians. You don't have to be a Christian to be a good or bad person. There is to much stereo-typing going on here.


    Agreed, on both counts!

    Thank you Witchway!
    The church has done more for the poor than the government can, the government gives money, the church can give a new chance, a new life.

    I am a CHRISTIAN and I am here to help anyone that wants my help.If not they have to help themselves

    great intelligent question by the way.. everyone is here for a reason and everyone has their own personal path that they take, and different lessons to learn. We ascend when we finally have learned them.


    I am not a practicing Christian but I am a conservative. I think your 'facts' are all leaning to the extreme left and with no substance other than what you might be hearing on your dreaded MSNBC. This country had been founded on religion, accept it or not, we have had over 200 years of posterity and growth, we are now in a turmoil because your left will not accept what we are and why were the way we are. You claim we are lemmings, this is not true, we are defenders, we are the defenders of this wonderful nation and we are losing to your leftist attacks. When we were a united country and all its peoples, we were strong, all had jobs, we were a happy flourishing nation, you want this gone, you want change, you got it.. you are winning, we are losing but we will not go down without a fight. I would love to see our nation back on its feet again but in order for this to happen, we would need to 're-unite' you have split from the very thing that made us great but you do not see it this way, your cause for alarm is Christianity and its followers. Religion is the root of all evil.. remember, I do not practice Christianity but i respect it as the building block of our country. I have learned to live with what I don't totally believe, you should try the same.

    Your term lemmings is the same term we use for you, also kool-aid drinkers, puppets, uninformed voters, IMO, your left is killing what I love the most with your do-good false diversity and lack of morals. So don't come here thinking you can get away with insults, they may not fight your words but I certainly will..

    Whoa, hold your horses there, Vinster! True to Conservative form you have turned things around and suddenly what's up is down and down is up. Left is right and right is left... Example:
    1. Yes, this country was in good shape until "your" Mr. Bush changed that whole landscape. Do you realize the damage he and his cronies imparted on this great country? He made the rich richer and all but demolished the middle class and made the poor poorer. Don't you see this? Maybe you're one of the rich ones who is benefitting from his shenanigans. Congratulations.
    2. Thousands of people lost their jobs and homes while Bush and company saw to it that big business and the almighty oil companies were lavishly taken care of. Well, that certainly is a Christian thing to do, isn't it???? If I were a Christian I would be livid w/ what this president and his supporters did to this country because so many times they blatantly gave the impression they were acting as a "man if God". I'm livid simply because what they did (and continue to do) is so blatantly wrong! Please, Vinny, really? You can't see this???
    3. Then you bring up the moral issue. Come on, Vinster, sadly both sides are guilty of wrong doings. Sad statement on society.
    4. I realize you would rather be called a "defender" instead of a lemming but, dang, Vinny, how can you defend making the rich richer and the poor poorer? How can you defend leaders who lie and then turn around and say something different? There are dozens of these occurrences that are on tape and have been played back. How can anyone ignore that? How can you defend your past leaders who made millions on the war in Iraq? To me there is something very wrong about that. Maybe you're OK w/ stuff like that but I'm not.

    Please, Vinny, please wake up. Facts are facts and they can't be changed no matter what you believe.

    Huh?? Why is it that people on the left must constantly blame bush for everything?? have you forgotten, our economy was on its dive downwards a years BEFORE GWB took office?? And also the dotcom bust was before bush?? Democrats-- (rephrase) Liberals can see no wrong with spending trillions of dollars on stim. packages that didn't work, eg, here in the silicon valley, Obama awarded millions of dollars to a solar energy facility, he flew here, handed a check to the CEO and here it is two years later, they are bankrupt again! I say again because it was the second time!

    as far as tak breaks for the wealthy, well.. most of these 'wealthy' are business owners, they hire employees, they build the economy by offering jobs, if you burden them, they will cut back a GWB tax break is different than an Obama stimulus package??? Gimme a break!! I would take my chances on tax breaks for the 'job suppliers' not wealthy as liberals put it..

    Gwb's war..? here's another claim that goes on and on, when we were attacked on 9/11, this was a wakeup call.. The conservatives do NOT CLAIM that saddam was responsible for this as libs replay over and over, it was because we had received information that WMD's were present there, of course due to the 'peacetime arrangement' our investigators were forced to advise 2 weeks before searching a proposed wmd site.. More than enough time to 'rubik cube these things around..

    Conserves trued to get out of this by saying bad information, democrats that voted for it defend themselves by saying GWB lied, it was not GWB, it was his advisors that had bad information.. Nonetheless, I am still a believer that WMD's were present in Iraq, they just shuffled them around..

    Morals, you are right, it is on both sides, however i do see that the left has little concern when one of theirs are involved as opposed to a republican.. it makes sense though, seems that all republicans are associated with Christianity where in Christianity ethic morals are priority, liberals with their freedom of expression secular thinking pushes the limits of morals and therefore when one slips, its no big deal, where a Christian (assumed) republican it is a rub in the face..

    I am not a practicing Christian, I actually have my doubts about the whole Christian thing but I do love my country and i thing Christian or non Christian, we all belong..

    Facts?? Your facts are as biased as mine, you have your followers, I follow mine.. There ARE NO FACTS! You certainly can not get them from biased TV broadcast..

    I am not a defender of war but i will say that i would rather fight them on their turf rather than our own. Your Obama agrees with this as well. We must defend ourselves and if we must, then let's do it there.

    The cost of war?? You can't put a price on human lives, i wish there were no wars but I know that this is not possible when you have people that want you andI dead with our heads rolling down the street.
    the monetary cost?? Yes its expensive and people are making money on it but isn't every war like this?? even wars that GWB was not involved, or Obama for that matter. should Obama stop war profits?? LOL.. Then why don't we send our guys in without weapons and protection, gee, wasn't it GWB that was accused of this too??

    You peeps should let GWB go, he is history now, like him or not, he needs to be on the back burner and we need to go forward and fix this mess.. lets get some good jobs and fix the economy.. Lets put those people that are still waiting for their obama checks to work.. Lets get this country back on its feet and the clear way to do this is to quit accusing each other of downfalls of the past.

    'United we stand, divided we fall.."

    Ever heard that one???

    I don't have time now to proof read all this, so if you are offended, sorry..


    Not offended at all. I guess we all need to agree to disagree in a civilized manner. Thanks for the lively conversation - I still disagree w/ you on many of your points but so much time and energy gets wasted on arguing and nothing gets accomplished, does it... You hit it right on the head in the last sentence of the 10th paragraph. However, let's NOT forget the past and LEARN from our mistakes (which we liberals never make, LOL, simmer down, just kidding!)

    Keep on keeping on, Vinny! We both hope for the same thing.

    Thanks 2cats, To agree to disagree is a wonderful thing, just think, if we all agree on the same things, how boring would life be.. :) I do like a good debate at times, even though there's little light at the end of the tunnel, it keeps you sharp! The best way to make our points heard is of course to vote and you can be sure I will be canceling every vote you make.. LOL (of course, that depends on who gets to the polls first- you could be also canceling mine.)

    Friends and peace!! :)

    Good one, Vin!

    Unfortuneatly your answer about, "This country was founded on religion" is all to true because we "STOLE" this land from the people who originally were here. Kind of funny how the religious folk who were our founding fathers dis-regarded some of the 10 Commandments.

    That is true witch, I never said that I agree with religion, i stated clearly above that i believe that religion is the root of evil. And also, in a form of religion, these people we stole this land from were also religious as they worshiped sun god, the god of wind and rain, etc.. sacrificial deaths to the gods and so on.. Today, 'civilized religions have given up the violence and the killing for gods as humanity for the most part today realize the ignorance and stupidity of such behavior. although also, we have still some that aren't civilized by our standards and will continue to kill in the name of religion. I don't know if in our lifetime we will see the end of this, probably not for me anyway.
    The 'others' are the sensible ones!

    <a href="/users/7013/2cats1dog/">@2cat</a>, you yourself have a very democratic party view of your facts, truth is usually somewhere in the middle of two different views. Do you consider both sides of the argument? Because it looks like you are leaning hard Left?


    Good question, leeroy, and thanks for asking. I used to be of the "Lemming Tribe" until I met my wonderful husband who taught me to verify facts on both sides of an argument. Wow! What an eye-opening experience! Yes, I do lean Left, here's why: the majority (perhaps not all) of the "facts" thrown at us from the Right are false and very cunning. They are fully aware that there are Americans, too many, sad to say, who will go along w/ their ideas no questions asked and support them blindly if they say things in the name of God. I continue to seek the truth and continue to be astounded by the lies, and devastating legislation people believe due to simple ignorance. God gave you brains. Don't continue to insult Him by not using it, folks. Ignorance is a dangerous thing!


    yes thats your opinion,im not being ignorant when i say i dont belive theres a god why cant some people on here just accept that instead of quoting statements out the bible i am

    In my Fathers house there are many mansions, if it were not so I would have told you. Spoken by the Love Spirit, the Christos, through our brother Jesus, the Christed One.

    If what you say is true - that Christians are here to help, somebody better notify them of the fact. This country is is being devastated by the Christian Right, Tea Party folks and all the other lemmings who fall into that category. WAKE UP PEOPLE! Your herding mentality has led you to be brainwashed into thinking suffering is what God wants so you support power happy, money loving, control freaks. The Bible says that God wants you to live "more than abundantly". There are also many, many verses that encourage you to help the poor. How are you helping the poor when you support political moves that are directly taking money and freedoms away from everyone but the rich? Don't you see this??? Our responsibility as Americans is to educate ourselves, not blindly follow people because they use the name of God in their rhetoric. This is not only harmful for this country but it's an insult to God!!!! Check your facts, Christians, etc.and check the people you listen to for news. You'll find out quickly that "fair and balanced" is neither.

    Headless Man

    Helping the poor and aiding the lazy is a thin line.

    All true Prophets through the ages, of any nation who were and are guided by the Love Spirit, the Christos, are in essences "Christians." For the Love Spirit comes in many names and forms to all nations. It is only literalists, fundamentalists that choose ignorantly to try to make the difference. All who are moved by the Spirit of Love, are Christian, by the very fact they follow its divine laws. There are christians who are not christians, just sunday persons, involved in "churchy business. Then again the are seekers that are not Christian by a orthodox tag, that are the true Christians, following after the Spirit of Love, the Christ. This Living Presence is Love Consciousness, the "Ye in me and I in you" promise.

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