wellbutrin, adderol, depakote for depression and adhd

    They thought I was bi-polar taking wellbutrin and depakote, now they say i am adhd and maybe not bi polar. I am now taking wellbutin, adderol and depakote. I was taking prozac, I am off that now and have decreased the amount of wellbutrin. It was working now I am feeling I can't stay focused on tasks very well. Any info or thoughts?  PLEASE

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    i think they got to many pokers in the fire, i think your best course of action would be to clear your self of all these meds for a week or so and see how that works, maybe some good exercise as well as company might be all you need.

    Who is the "they" that prscribe your medications?
    If you are not seeing a Pysciatrist I suggest you request one.
    Maybe another doctor will take your case and work with you.
    I sure hope so.
    Good luck and keep us posted.

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