Compromising is part of life, what has to happen before you say, NO, this is what's going to be done?

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    Compromising denotes neither party getting what he or she wants. For example, if your husband wants Italian food for dinner tonight at a restaurant and you feel like eating Chinese food, to compromise means to go to neither an Italian nor a Chinese restaurant. Instead, you could end up compromising by having Mexican food. Both of you would feel better if you try to negotiate. By this I mean one of you would get to pick a restaurant of his or her choice tonight while the other gets to pick his or her choice of restaurant the following week. This way both of you get to have a choice of the type of food you would like to eat.

    ed shank

    Spoken like a man who knows when to bend.

    A lot would depend on the particular circumstances. But, I would say no if: someone was about to inadvertently hurt themself by not following a safe manner of doing something; or if I was the one who was ultimately responsible for the good outcome of a project; or if something had just gotten so ridiculous I felt I had to say something.

    But, if it only affected someone who got argumentative with me, I would advise them of the likely consequences and probably walk away...letting them know not to ask me to fix the mess. These days, I don't let a lot rattle me for too long. Life is too short to let someone else screw up my day...I can do a pretty job of it all by myself.

    ed shank

    Thanx for your level headed comment.

    In a work environment I would be open to suggestions/comments, but ultimately if the resolution were my responsibility I would have no other choice but to act in the best interest of the company. And my decision would be exclaimed that way.

      At home, again, I am open to any logical solution to any issue. But my home is "my" responsibility and my wife has always trusted my judgment. My home is a totalitarian state and I run it.

    Tis difficult because 99.99% of my working life was mgmt level an I was set on how things were to be done no "and, if or buts" about it and this transferred to personal life an if someone didn't agree then, I would get someone that agreed but I believed in running a tight, honest work environment. I wasn't one for compromising especially when it came/comes to safety/well being and performance. I was/am easy to get along with just follow the rules of engagement and don't jeopardize ones safety, well being, intelligence, etc. an everything would/will be fine.
    ed shank

    Leaving the authority thing at work is hard to do. But the alternative is an ugly one.

    Umbriel, a pussycat never and one should never pull a leg, because one may get kicked. Now granted, I was called several things, had employees threaten to quit, even had a business owner try to have me taken care of (He thought being a whop made him mafia) have, I been thumped on, YES but, I was respected by the majority and of course that maybe part of my problem in relationships but, I don't believe in hurting females or children but, I believe in doing something right the first time.

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