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    My heart goes out to you. I have loved many dogs in my 79 years on this blue dot but never as much as they have loved me. Young old slim fat reasonable looking ugly as a hat full of bums I may have been but my dogs loved me as nothing else could, not human or animal. The cliche " the more I see of people the more I love dogs" is so true. Get another dog, it will not fill Lukes shoes but it will get a pair of its` own.


    I love dogs. Lost 'mans best friend' several years ago. here is a webpage I created about him..

    whatashame whatasham

    I told my dog that it was alright to go, go ahead don't suffer, he then let go.I can't go thru that any more.


    @banksizit I went on to that web page about Luke I dont know what to say I have been there many a time with my animals you must get another dog you will never replace Luke but I think Luke would want you to have another best friend, You made me cry in what you were saying about luke he was a specail friend and he loved you with all his heart one day you will see him again thank you for sharing your Luke with us :-)

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    You know, it's really hard to tell.



    I had taken a second look yes the end one is a dog really good lol

    I love animals in general. Love pic, the spy is cute, but I love face of cat in middle. Boss.As I reply, My cat is on my lap.
    I love cats and dogs in fact i love all animals.

    how about

    Yep,sure do...i have 2 pet pythons.

    me too for the part that said , '' I love all animals''

    I love both, cats and  dogs

    Dogs, I have a German Shepherd and a Cocker Spaniel. The cocker acts like a cat, not nice, won't come when called.


    My orange male cat, Tigger comes when called. He's a real mama's boy :-)
    Headless Man

    You want to

    Cats of course, they are my best pals and love me unconditionally.....

    I love them both Cats and Dogs I can not choose sorry

    cats smell better and they don't eat ... oh you know. my cat is loyal and doesn't like other people. the cat hisses at strangers and my grandaughter says, "your cat scares my face" itsmee hmmmm? i should give her my cat!

    I am sitting on the fence with this one.  I love them both, they have given me tremendous pleasure and companionship and being without them would make life for me  a little sadder. 

    I am definitely a big time CAT person. But I think I am really just an animal lover in general. I just really love Cats personalities they are so awesome.

    Dog's they R very loyal. Cat's mostly just sit there and look at U.


    Might-be they find you boring.

    All 3 of my cats want to be with me all the time.

    I dont have a dog or cat my mum had a cat black shinney coat blue/green eyes it ran to the door when someone came in .When it died my mum was heart brokenI am married now my wife has a pet Dog ,called "Dowsa she "Shoughts i come !!


    I knew it all along that you were the true Doggie ah bless lol
    After doing cat rescue for 20 years, I'm down to two. I love them but I am very tired of emptying litter pans. After doing dog rescue for 15 years, I'm down to six. I have decided that as these dogs pass away I will not replace them as I have in the past. When I am close to 70 I shall probably be alone and at that time if I can handle just one more I may allow myself to visit the SPCA or Humane Society and bring home another good friend. Who knows how I'll feel at that time, I may not be able to take care of myself any longer so why take in an animal that will depend on me.

    im sure they brought comfort oover the years.. must be sad as they go..

    cleaning the litter box is easier than picking up dog poop in the back yard, or while you're on a walk.

    Dogs. I'm allergic to cats so I tend to despise them a little. I know its not the cats fault. I just can't breath when they are around me or in someones house. I'm also allergic to HORSES, but most people don't have horses inside the house walking all over the furniture :(

    whatashame whatasham

    My wife would if she could.

    ive got a dog and a cat and ,on balance, i choose my dog hes always pleased to see me,the cat is if she wants feeding!Plus the security aspect,im sure i could go anywhere with my dog,anytime of day or night as hes very(possibly overly)protective

     I gotta say it, CAT RULE!

    Cats are smarter! cleaner, clever, independent, aloof, they don't drool! They don't eat dung either!





    WOOF - WOOF !! LOL

    Dog's I used to raise Black German Shepards beautiful Dogs





    papa peg


    My Scottish Terrier votes for himself. So do I.

    Dogs from the SPCA. Always had great dogs from there. Someone was always home most of the time and that makes a big difference. Did everything with my dogs all well behaved.

    with annie gone
    whose eyes to compare
    to the morning sun.
    not that i did
    but i do
    now that she's gone .... my golden left this earth ten years ago

    There have been more dogs as pets in my lifetime, but a couple of cats have found their way into my heart.  I love having them both, but a cat requires less effort and can be a good companion at home (sits on my lap and purrs).  A dog is more work, but seems to "connect" better (I talk to my dog more than my cat and we go for walks). My son traveled around the US last year and took his 13-year-old border collie mix with him.  She was great company.  I took a cat on a 2-week motor home trip and she drove me nuts.  It's a tough question.  I'm glad I don't have to answer it!!!



    You just did :-)

    Yes, I guess I did......Don't tell my cat!

    I have one of each. Worthless (the cat) is licking my foot as I type this and David Jean (the 85 pound dog) is behind my chair, avoiding the cat. Worthless had been here 6 years longer, I would have to say I prefer him but, I've kind of gotten used to David Jean (he takes care that I no longer have to throw out any food...)


    what kind of dog is he jjh?

    Mostly yellow lab but has long, gangly legs, maybe Collie or wolf... We got him from the pound. He is strong as all get out, doesn't lick, and won't eat in front of a person. He's about 4 years old... Thanks for asking!

    I guess  you could say I like dogs better, but I have cats, b/c a dog wouldn't fit into my life style right now. . ...They eat everything in site, and you have to pick up their poop. The barking drives me nuts. They tear apart your furniture and clothes. They scratch up everything. They push out the screens on your doors. But , on the plus, dogs are more responsive than cats. And they're smarter adn more communicative. And they can go with you everywhere.

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