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    The lack of in depth questions on here lately? No one is rating any ones questions up and it seems that most of the questions on here are answered in one easy sentence. I miss the questions that sparked conversations and opinions. The only ones that seem to do that are either about religion or sex, kind of disappointing.

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    How about this, I posed it be before but nobody replied.

    How can we be expected to believe those that tell us CO2, that today comprise less than .004 percent of our atmosphere, effects the average temperature on the earth be it up either up or down, when the historical record proves that the percentage of CO2 during the millions of year the dinosaurs roamed the earth was FIVE times what it is today and the world survived?

    I have done dozens of searches for the answer and all I ever get is that IT IS, but never found any scientific explanation of HOW that can be possible

    The only thing I did find was back in the sixties and seventies the "scientist" were telling us we were heading into another ICE AGE because of "pollution." They were suggesting then that the US government cover the glacier in Alaska with carbon black to help melt some of the glaciers to cool the oceans and Russian scientist were urging its government to place a giant mirror in space over Siberia to reflect sunlight longer during the day, to help melt the glacier there as well.

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