What do you think about savants?

    Is this an option for a global genetic upgrade?

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    artistic savants...
    idiot savants.............

    Not all savants are idiots. Many live normal lives, may have some not so serious handicap but otherwise ok. Many have ADD or other serious problems. Special talents that are somewhat unique in our culture is commonplace among savants but I have never met one who special talent was in self-inflicted harm as your response suggests of you Randy. Popping off as a critic instantly is something I have never seen in a savant.
    Headless Man

    I done a search and that is what came up, however on further search I see what you mean.
    Headless Man

    The idiot savants can have great skills.

    Leave the “idiot” part off, the term was dropped around 1900…but I see you wrote the term in you bible to immortalize it.
    Headless Man

    I'm sorry but changing the word does not change the meaning.
    Many savants have problems in our culture, ADD is common some are blind, Temple Granden is doing ok. "According to Treffert, about half of all people with savant syndrome have autistic disorder, while the other half have another developmental disability, mental retardation, brain injury or disease. He says, "... not all autistic people have savant syndrome and not all people with savant syndrome have autistic disorder".[2] Other researchers state that autistic traits and savant skills may be linked,[3] or have challenged some earlier conclusions about savant syndrome as "hearsay, uncorroborated by independent scrutiny".[4]Wikipedia.

    I've known two. One could tell you anything you wanted to know about the Presidents of the U.S.
    The other was a baseball statistician, who again could tell you anything you wanted to know about a player, or team.

    Neither one could survive in society on their own.
    I think you are an answer savant not Robert, not Grist.

    Who is it?

    The author of the question, in his profile he says his name isn't robert grist. So I listed it like he did in his profile as an inside joke.Lol.

    Google robert grist how many pictures Leeroy?

    I see that my name has been variously usurped by multiple persons a result of the net growing globally. Ug….Now I have to change my name into something unique…no, OK Ok ….you are my friends…Give me a name…that sounds like pin "the tail on the donkey”…I’ll do my own new name…maybe an older name.

    I see so you don't live in England? There were quite a few robert grists' on the search.

    How about answersavant?

    like gristmill

    gristvant, savgrist?

    chop chop

    They are wise.

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