What foods would trigger lightheadedness in a person?

    I have been experiencing lightheadedness recently with my bp down to 126/71 & heart rate 70. This is not normal for me. OK today till I ate lunch (chicken salad sandwich) then I felt lightheaded.
    I've been on bp meds for 5 years because of it being high. I'm thinking it might have a corrolation to food.

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    Maybe you have a sugar problem, hypoglycemia or something like that. I would get some blood work done to find out. Doesn't sound like BP to me.

    Check out this website – key word: hypoglycemia
    Low sugar probably. Check it out asap.
    Could be an allergy to something you ate for lunch.
    Do you use artificial sweetner? The drops my BP so low I hit the floor.
    Your BP is good now. If you have lost a lot of weight and are still taking BP meds that may be the cause. Some people, under a doctor's supervision, can get off BP meds when they lose weight.
    Thanks to all for your answers. I will be going for my 8 week blood work sometime this week as I have high cholestrol. Will be talking to my Doctor after he gets the report from the lab. I do not consume alcohol with my food. Will check out hypoglycemia.

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