is there anyone doing the Bodytrim program living in Queensland

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    I am not familiar with Body trim but my overall obsevation is any programme is only helpful in as far as you having someone to monitor your progress.

    The only sure fire way to loose weight, trim up and stay that way is the correct diet and exercise.

    Strange as it may seem walking does as good a job as high gym equipment, again it is only the monotering that helps in a gym.

    If you are genuine become a self starter, eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and lean meat and walk at least 3-4 days a week.

    I had a chuckle at your question, doing the programme "living" in Queensland, hardly do it if they were dead. I knew what you meant but thanks for the accidental chuckle.

    I live near Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast.

    God luck with the trim taut and terrific.

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