foxes-do they kill for pleasure

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    Most animals foxes included do not kill for pleasure they do it out of self-preservation or for food to eat. Unlike most human beings who will kill just for pleasure unfortunately.

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    they conered me one night and got free drinks and a taxi ride home!

    so - they didn't kill you?
    I've dated some foxes and they've never tried to kill me.Lol.

    I believe the only animal that kills for sport is man. There is some speculation on the case of the lions that were killing people working on a bridge in Africa though. Remember that movie?

    keep a eye out for those foxy ladys Leeroy you never know!

    I am still looking for my soul mate, lost the first one to youth.
    no I dont think they kill for pleasure they are a animal and they dont get pleasure like we do all they are interested is in mateing and food and rival foxs I know they say if a fox gets in chicken run they normally kill the lot but is because they dont know any better and they just have to kill it is them the hunt is what it is about
    Foxes kill for food. When they enter a hen house or pen the hens panic and a fox will at the same time panic and often kill more than needed. Unbeknown to many, foxes do dig "larders" to store kills if there is a glut and return to also feed their young. Here in Yorkshire shoeing horses, i see foxes on a regular basis, often during the day. Many foxes have moved into the cities & towns as pickings are often easier to source. Driving home just last week i saw three foxes in a distance of about 7 miles, 2 of them crossing the road and 1 with a rabbit supper! Nice sight.

    I know I have answered this already but the only thing that kills for pleasure is MAN


    I've been told that Wolverines will kill just to kill

    mathenenyg thank you for the comment! x

    no foxes dont kill for pleasure they give warning signs when threatened  and kill when there looking for food or in a fight

    animals do not think like the human animal. Humans kill for sport, food, and entertainment. Foxes kill to survive.


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